#MeatFreeMonday| My Vegetarian Valentines Day & Egg Liqueur Coffee Recipe

Vegetarian Food Valentines Day

It’s our first Valentine living together and since I have currently no full time job, except for that as a Domestic Engineer (a.k.a. housewife), on Friday I prepared a surprise to my boyfriend, consisting of a Valentine’s 4 course vegetarian meal. I know, Valentine’s day was on Sunday and not Friday. However I chose Friday for many reasons, one of them being instead of asking him to get out of the house while I prepare the meal, the next one being since I am not used to cooking I might take long to finish some of the dishes and he will end up hungry while waiting, and another reason being that after a stressful day at work one would really need to be pampered especially with good food 😉

So for starter I’ve prepared Jamie Oliver’s Easy Cheese Fondue together with toasted bread cubes as croutons to dip. As I do with lots of recipes, I’ve changed it a bit and used any cheese I had opened in my fridge instead of Gruyere and Cheddar, and I have used dried herbs instead of fresh ones.

As a drink I’ve prepared Jason Vale’s Berry Va Va Voom juice from his book Juice Master Keeping It Simple: Over 100 Delicious Juices and Smoothies.

For main course, I thought of giving ratatouille a try so I tried Jamie Oliver’s Classic Ratatouille. Never ate ratatouille in my life before and not sure if the one I tried is close or far from the actual ratatouille. Since I wasn’t sure whether I will like this dish, I’ve cut my not so favourite veggies (aubergines and courgettes) in very small cubes. It looked and tasted like a caponata.

To compliment the ratatouille, since its a bit sauce-like, I decided to do something solid, so I went for again Jamie Oliver’s, Potato Wedges.

Finally the part everyone waits for is dessert. This time I didn’t use Jamie Oliver’s recipes for this course, I translated a german recipe which I found in one of the supermarkets’ magazines. It’s an Egg Liqueur Coffee, find below my translation of this recipe:

Egg Liqueur Coffee Recipe

  • 1ooml egg liqueur
  • 50ml milk
  • 1 tsp sugar
  • 150ml coffee
  • 1 tsp cocoa powder/grated chocolate


  1. Stir and heat the egg liqueur and milk and sweeten with sugar.
  2. Pour the mixture in 2 glasses and pour the coffee afterwords.
  3. Sprinkle the cocoa powder or grated chocolate on top.

I know I shouldn’t give in to this pagan event. However since it’s our first month living together I wanted to do something special.

At first I thought of looking for a cheap weekend trip, as I didn’t want to spend a lot since I currently have no job and already spent money for a trip to London in April. However I could find no trip within my very low budget, so next thought was maybe to look for a restaurant which could have vegetarian option for me.

Not to go through the hassle of looking for a restaurant and since I always ended up going to restaurants for Valentine’s day, I decided to make this Valentines different than usual and prepare a customised vegetarian menu. What about you, have you done anything special last weekend?


DISCLAIMER: I wasn’t paid to prepare, publish or share this post.


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