#StopTheTrucks is it relevant to Malta?


I have been seeing the #StopTheTrucks EU petition shared on Facebook and, as I do with other animal welfare petition, I did sign it cause I thought it was about better conditions for the transportation on animals, such as the number of animals one is allowed to transport for each meter squared, but after reading it in detail and reading the letter which I just accepted to send to the Minister of Agriculture I realised that it’s about minimising the animal transport duration to 8 hours, which I understand it for a large country such as Germany.

However, I wonder for Malta, being a small island, where we take much less than 4 to 8 hours to arrive from A to B, is this letter relevant?

Below find the text of the letter:

Dear Minister,
Each year a billion poultry and 37 million cattle, pigs, sheep, goats and equines are transported for commercial purposes within the EU and to third countries. Transportation over very long distances exposes animals to severe exhaustion, dehydration, injuries, death, and also increases the risk of disease outbreaks. In the recognition of this, I ask you to sign the request from Germany, The Netherlands and Denmark for a revision of the Transport Regulation and publicly support such revision.

Despite strong public support for limiting the live transportation of animals, figures show that their long distance transport has increased since the application of the EU Animal Transport Regulation in 2007. Furthermore, a significant gap has opened up between the requirements of the legislation and the available scientific evidence.

Ongoing concerns over journey times, transport conditions and enforcement can only be addressed when the existing standards are updated and overhauled and when food chains where animals are slaughtered as near as possible to their place of birth and fattening are promoted. Live animal transport must be replaced by the transport of meat and if live animals are to be transported it should be of a maximum of 8 hours.

Thank you in advance, and I look forward to receiving your reply.

Source: StopTheTrucks.eu


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