Is Wet n Wild cruelty free?

Is Wet n Wild cruelty-free?

A few weeks ago a cruelty-free blogger exposed the news that Wet n Wild sells in China. I was not sure what to do with the news. It could be a misunderstanding or something, so I waited. To confirm whether the news is true, I went to check the PETA list. On the PETA list, Wet n Wild is cruelty-free. So, I waited a bit more as who am I to say the opposite of a big animal welfare organisation. Although I am beginning to have my doubts about PETA’s reliability after they claimed that Dove and Herbal Essence to be cruelty-free. However, I thought I give them another chance.

Till some hours after the exposure, Wet n Wild kept on denying that they sell in China. However, they eventually tried to clarify why their products are found in China. Around a week later, I googled to see if PETA has something to say about this exposure and found an article on their website. Let’s go through their article.

Examining PETA’s article on Wet n Wild’s cruelty-free status

  • “In 2014, the Chinese government announced a regulatory change that enables companies that manufacture non-special use cosmetics in China to sell them without tests on animals. These products must be manufactured in China in order to qualify for the exemption.”
    It seems that “non-special use” cosmetics do not need to go through animal testing in China, as long as they are manufactured in China. The article gives examples of these non-special use cosmetics.
  • “In order to be eligible for inclusion on PETA’s Beauty Without Bunnies cruelty-free list, companies that sell in China may only sell domestically manufactured (made in China) non-special use cosmetics.
    Companies that manufacture and sell only these non-special use cosmetics in China are cruelty-free for PETA. Once they start selling other cosmetics they will automatically be brands that allow animal testing.
  • “We’re happy to report that wet n wild has met all the requirements of our Beauty Without Bunnies program and remains cruelty-free while selling products in China.”
    Wet n Wild seems to be manufacturing and selling only these non-special use cosmetics in China. That is why they are still cruelty-free for PETA.

Does Wet n Wild sell in China?

Yes, the article confirms that Wet n Wild does sell in China.

Does Wet n Wild test on animals?

No, Wet n Wild does not test or ask anyone to test for them.

Is Wet n Wild cruelty-free?

You might think I am asking the same question as before here. However, I differentiate between whether a brand tests on animals and whether a brand is cruelty-free. For me, whether a brand test on animals means whether the company performs or pay for animal testing. On the other hand, whether a brand is cruelty-free means whether there is something also indirectly that makes it tested on animals. Unlike what PETA believes, Wet n Wild is not cruelty-free. Most cruelty-free bloggers think the same. I can partially understand that maybe PETA has a good motive to classify such brands as cruelty-free. However, right now I can’t agree with PETA. The reason being that there are non-routine testing in China. Chinese authorities are free to withdraw products from shelves and most likely test them on animals. In these non-routine tests, authorities do not need to inform companies. So due to this risk, I don’t consider Wet n Wild cruelty-free and so I will move it to the animal tested brand list.

I hope that this clarifies why Wet n Wild is moved to the animal tested brand on this website. If you think I decided wrong, let me know your opinion about why I should consider Wet n Wild to be cruelty-free.

Source: Is Wet n Wild cruelty-free? as at 30/6/2019

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