Federico Mahora high-end inspired vegan perfumes are in Malta

Federico Mahora high-end inspired vegan perfumes are in Malta

Since most high-end perfumes, more likely all, are not cruelty-free I no longer buy any of them. For some time I was buying high-end inspired perfumes from a Turkish brand which claims to be cruelty-free. I sometimes find it tricky to completely trust that most non-European brands are cruelty-free. Especially since in this case half of Turkey is part of the Asian continent i.e. same continent as China. “What ifs” start popping up in my mind. However, I no longer buy from this brand as I am trying to live a vegan lifestyle. I also was hoping that this brand eventually starts producing vegan versions. However, they seemed to have taken a long nap as European brand Federico Mahora has skipped them in the race. Federico Mahora is not only developing cruelty-free perfumes but also most of them are vegan, and they are available also in Malta. I think only 2 of their scents are not vegan.

You might think that perfumes are mainly alcohol and essential oils, so claiming to produce vegan perfumes is a gimmick. I can assure you that most brands you find in perfumeries use animal-derived ingredients. Civet, Ambergris, Milk, Honey, Castoreum and Hyraceum are some of these animal-derived ingredients that are common in perfumes. Most of these you would not want to know from which part of the animal they come from. Especially when they are using one of them to create the artificial vanilla scent. If you are curious just Google the ones you have never heard of, or else wait till I write a post defining each one.

So hopefully, by now, you have understood that perfumes are not only alcohol and essential oils but it involves some other ingredients most of the time animal-derived. If you are torn because you are trying to follow a cruelty-free or vegan lifestyle but at the same time you miss your favourite pre-cruelty-free scents, you can now stitch yourself back. Federico Mahora develops cruelty-free and mostly vegan perfumes inspired by high-end brands like Chanel, Creed, Giorgio Armani, Paco Rabanne, Tom Ford and many others.

Not only that but they also offer home fragrances such as diffusers and candles with the same scents which are also mostly vegan. Federico Mahora produces their perfumes in DROM’s Germany production facility i.e. in the same facility many high-end brands produce their perfumes. What sets Federico Mahora apart from other DROM business customers is, that apart from their products are not being tested on animals, Federico Mahora’s perfumes are not sold in China which makes them cruelty-free.

If you wish to check out whether Federico Mahora produced a perfume inspired by your favourite high-end brand, go and check the BareSenses Malta Facebook page.

DISCLAIMER: This is not a sponsored or PR post. I was gifted with no free products and was not paid to write this post. I wrote this post as I thought you would find this information helpful.


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