Is Belle Lash cruelty-free and vegan in 2021?

Is Belle Lash cruelty-free and vegan?

I wasn’t going to post about Belle Lash today but she requested me to post publicly about what happened yesterday. So as requested I have changed my blog plans and decided to post a cruelty-free status post for Maltese brand Belle Lash and share what happened.

If you have been following my stories yesterday, you would have seen me showing proof of why I have decided to list Belle Lash as a grey area brand. I noticed that two of her products were AliExpress white-label products. One being her lash glue liner and the other one is the newly launched eyebrow pencils. The danger with AliExpress products is not only related to animal testing, what I fear more is how safe they really are. As they are produced following China regulations and China allowed ingredients, that could be banned in the EU. Similarly, if the China suppliers say that their products are cruelty-free, it is a bit vague or it proves that the final product was but the process and ingredients sourced might not have been. Belle Lash claims that she doesn’t buy from AliExpress as she buys in bulk, and not singles. However, it doesn’t mean that her suppliers don’t sell on or sell to sellers that sell on AliExpress.

Please note I am not claiming that all China products are bad. There are two versions of Chinese products in my opinion. The first version is most China wholesale products which you find on AliExpress, eBay, even on Amazon sadly, etc. Then there are made in China good quality products and quality assured by every market they sell in like Xiaomi, Huawei, Apple, etc. Here I have mentioned electronic companies as I don’t know of any beauty ones yet.

Does Belle Lash test on animals?

  • “They’re Cruelty Free , so NO harm on Animals.”
    Since she imports China wholesale white-label products, it seems that Belle Lash does not test on animals.

Are Belle Lash products tested on animals?

After she noticed my stories, Belle Lash agreed to send me the certificates from her China suppliers. These certificates confirmed two things. One is that she asked for cruelty-free products, so sorry Belle Lash for assuming that you might have not checked. Two that her products are China wholesale products. Maybe not bought directly through AliExpress but still China wholesale. However, the certificates that claim that products are cruelty-free and safe seem to be produced by the Chinese suppliers themselves, not a third-party organisation or authorities. Their claim is in my opinion vague or lost in translation:

  1. “Here certify and declare that the eyeliner is sanitized and harvested cruelty free. The eyeliner have been approved safe for directly use.”
    • What does “harvested cruelty free” mean? Is it a literal translation of a Chinese term? Does this mean that only the finished product is cruelty-free? What about the ingredients used? Were the ingredients tested on animals? Was animal testing involved in the development/manufacturing process?
  2. “Here certify and declare that the mink hair is sanitized and harvested cruelty free. The lashes have been approved safe for directly use.”
    • same questions as above.

Is Belle Lash owned by a parent that is not cruelty-free?

No, from what I could gather Belle Lash is owned by a self-employed Maltese makeup artist.

Is Belle Lash certified cruelty-free?

No, Belle Lash is not certified cruelty-free. It would help her and make my life easier if she and other Maltese beauty small businesses certify themselves cruelty-free by PETA or the Leaping Bunny.

Is Belle Lash cruelty-free?

As the certificates from her suppliers are vague and internally made, I asked her for more information to clarify. However, she asked me to contact the suppliers myself, and so I did. I asked the suppliers to confirm whether or not animal testing was conducted for ingredients, during the production process and final product by them or a third-party. I also asked them how are they avoiding pre-market tests for China and whether their products are EU certified. In the meantime, I would say that Belle Lash is a grey area brand i.e., not cruelty-free however not clear if her suppliers or any third parties test on animals at any stage of production or development. In case her suppliers provide proof that their products are cruelty-free from beginning to end, I will change the cruelty-free status of Belle Lash.

Is Belle Lash vegan?

One of the certificates provided mentioned that the lashes are made of mink hair. When I visited the website of her suppliers they categorised their lash ranges as mink lashes, 3d silk lashes, horse lashes, etc. When I grabbed her attention about it, she claimed that they are not mink as they would then be expensive. As a makeup artist, she said she would know the difference. However, as we have seen many times in China they do farm mink for lashes and fur, which would then make the fur cheaper when farmed. Also, there were cases when China suppliers sold cat fur as synthetic fur. Here the supplier is admitting that they are using mink, why would she claim otherwise? Does she also not trust the certificates her suppliers provided her? So to be safe I have to say that Belle Lash is not vegan. She might have some vegan products but from what her suppliers claim, the lashes are not vegan.

Are Belle Lash products sold in Mainland China?

Yes, Belle Lash cosmetics are sold in China. However not under her brand name. Her suppliers are Chinese and they sell also to Mainland China. For this reason, I also asked her suppliers how they avoid pre-market tests that still use animal testing. Maybe not for her eyebrow pencil as to me it seems like it is a non-special-use cosmetic, but for her eyelash glue liner which I suspect that Mainland China authorities consider as special use cosmetics so authorities might have tested it on animals during pre-market tests. We will find out more when they get back to me.

Correspondence with Belle Lash


Belle: Sorry, can I have your number, please? I need to talk to you.

Me: Could you send me an email on **email address** please instead? Together with proof that what I am claiming is not true. Thank you.

Belle: Yes of course. Are you Maltese please? Sorry, who are you exactly before I send you certifications please?

Me: Yes I am Maltese living in Germany. My name is Fiona. I am a cruelty-free lifestyle blogger for Europe. Thanks

Belle: Sent you the email Fiona

Me: Thank you. I will check it out. I will continue the correspondence by email if it is ok for you.

Belle: Yes sure

Me: Sent. Email is better in case I reach character limit 😅


As promised, Belle Lash sent me the certificates. Two were certificates that seemed to be created by the supplier claiming the products are cruelty-free and safe as I posted earlier. The other one was a Chinese lab report claiming that the eyebrow pencil is safe. As we know what is safe in China might not be considered safe outside China.

Here attached are all certifications.
These are certifications from the Campanies which I purchase products from. I DO NOT buy from Aliexpress. I buy them in quantity not single products. If you follow me, you see my video posts that I purchase them in bulk.
Belle Lash

*** *** ***

Thank you for these certificates. I have still some questions. In the meantime, as I appreciate that you kept your promise to send me certificates, I could offer to put your brand as pending and share the new status with the community.

What does “harvested cruelty-free” mean? It sounds like they are referring to the final product and not the whole process.

As China and the EU banned and allowed ingredients differ, do you have any EU documentation that proves that no illegal/toxic ingredients have been found?

I don’t know if you heard about it but a few years ago there was a case of cat fur being sold in Europe as synthetic fur. One of the brands exposed were Missguided and it seems that they weren’t aware that they are importing cat fur from China. Cat/dog fur is illegal in the EU. Probably in China, it is allowed

Lastly, I don’t know if you are aware, but one of the certificates is claiming that your lashes are not synthetic. It is specifying that it is mink hair.

If you have questions or need more help please let me know.

Thank you,


In the meantime, I did put her brand to pending. I thought she would be interested in making sure that her products are considered to be safe in the EU. Also in making sure that her products were fully cruelty-free. However, I received the next email which kind of disappointed me as for me it confirmed that I was kind of right all along and that she is not that interested in improving.

*** *** ***

When I first purchased my order I made it clear to the company that everything must be cruelty free  and I have shown you certificates. If you see clearly all my lashes are proof that they are synthetic fur, mink hair is quite expensive and as a Make up Artist I can tell as I do my studies as well.
You are a Blogger you have the right to post  what ever you want and what you do is right.
I have shown you all certificates , If you require further information you can ask the company.
You should post an apology as from my end as shown from certification everything is cruelty free. 
Next time I would have appreciated if you sent me a message before you shame me. as you already made a bad image on my brand .
I’m Expecting that as A Professional Blogger you post a decent post on what happened, Thank you.
thank you
Belle Lash

She is right I haven’t contacted her before exposing her, maybe I should have. I did not see that I had to since it was kind of obvious to me. Two products were exactly like the ones I found on AliExpress. While she might have changed the packaging of some of her products, for these two products she did not, so I could find proof that they are China wholesale products. This last email also proves that contacting her or not before wouldn’t have made a difference cause she did not prove me wrong much and she was not ready to do anything further. She only proved that she told her suppliers that the products should be cruelty-free. Belle Lash did not seem to communicate in detail what criteria make a product cruelty-free.

While I was considering the idea that I might have wrongly listed her as grey area and apologised twice already. She did not seem to admit that she might need to check further to confirm that her products are cruelty-free and safe for the EU. If she had asked me I would have guided her. I kind of attempted to help in my previous email. Also, she did not seem to admit that she might have been selling mink lashes as synthetic. She is lucky the supplier is admitting that they are using animal materials for their lashes and not claiming it is synthetic when they are mink.

*** *** ***
I am on it. Thank you.

What I meant here is that as she suggested I emailed her suppliers for more information, and am writing about what happened yesterday.

I think I raised another awareness for people to be mindful of who they buy from and what. If you think I did wrong, please let me know how and what. If there are any new updates, I will update this post accordingly. I do admit and apologise when I am wrong. However, in topics such as this one I seem to have been right, up until now.


(a.k.a. Fiona Henschel) Malta-born blogger. I have been blogging during these last 6 years on my cruelty-free lifestyle including recipes, beauty and makeup products that I discover, receive, buy and try.