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Happy New Year Bunnies! I decided to call you, my cruelty-free friends, “bunnies”, since the cruelty-free symbol is usually a bunny. If you feel offended, let me know and I will think of another name.

As you might have noticed, for a change, I have been a bit silent for a bit more than a month. I haven’t thought of many 2015 New Year Resolutions yet, so I could add one which says that “I should blog at least once a week”, lets see till when I manage to keep this. fingers crossed

So for my first blog post of the year, I am going to do something I never done before in my history of blogging, I am going to start my blog year with a tag post. I have noticed my fellow Maltese bloggers doing tag posts and tagging each other but I never been tagged till Caroline from DivaInside tagged me about a month ago in her “First Date Tag” post. Thank you Caroline! ^^, <3

So here it goes …

1. How long does it take you to get ready for a date?

Everytime I go out to an event or anything that is not an errand/work, I usually start preparing 3hrs before the agreed time.

2. What’s your idea of a perfect first date?

a) Dinner
Nope, I am not confident with the way I eat in public.

b) Drinks
Yes, but up to 1 alcoholic drink.

c) Cinema
Yes, and add the Drinks in 2b. after 🙂

d) Adventurous dates
Noooo, I am not adventurous. It will take me a year at the gym to prepare for this type of date.

3. What would you gravitate more towards to wear on a date

a) Jeans
Yes I wear a lot of jeans trousers, so most probably that’s what I would wear.

b) Trousers
Yes but most of my trousers are denim.

c) Skirt
I don’t have much skirts and the little I have, I don’t remember wearing them so, no!

d) Dress
It depends on how much I know the guy I am dating and how comfortable I feel. But most probably I wouldn’t wear a dress on the first date, maybe later on when I start getting used to going out with him.

4. On the date of your choice what makeup would you wear

a) Girl next door
b) Smokey and sexy
c) Bold lip
d) Brights

It depends on the mood and my evening make up “trend” for the season. So all could be a yes and all could be a no.

5. Your date says you have an hour to be ready what do you do?

Change clothes, fix or apply make up, and put on deodorant and perfume.

6. Your date asks for the bill, do you …

a) Offer to pay – with actual meaning to pay
b) Make a fake fuss – with no intention of paying
c) Expect him to pay straight away

I would expect him to pay but I wouldn’t mind to pay for what I’ve ordered.

7. It’s time to say goodbye you really like your date do you …

a) Wave
b) Hug
c) Kiss on the cheek
d) Peck
e) Full on smooch

Again it depends on how comfortable I feel with the guy. There were times where I just waved and maybe hugged and rare times where I did a peck or full on smooch.

Those are all the tag post questions I were asked. I haven’t been on a “normal” date for a long time now. My first date with my current boyfriend was different than my normal but that “is another story and shall be told another time” – Michael Ende ^^,

I don’t know who’s left to tag on this first date post, so let me try:

If you would like to contribute to this tag post or if you are thinking to start blogging and you would like to start it with this tag post, let me know. I will be happy to tag you 😉
See you hop-fully in next week!
– fifi

(a.k.a. Fiona Henschel) Malta-born blogger. I have been blogging during these last 6 years on my cruelty-free lifestyle including recipes, beauty and makeup products that I discover, receive, buy and try.