Pending Brands List

What is the Pending Brands list?

Starting in 2021, I am contacting brands that are not certified cruelty-free or known to support animal testing, to find out whether they support animal testing or not. It’s not a simple question as in “are you cruelty-free” or “do you test on animals”. It’s a set of around 10 questions that could make or break their status on animal testing. The pending list is a list of brands who I have contacted but still did not receive a reply from or their answer was so vague that I replied back asking for more clarification.

A brand has been on the pending list for months now, what can I do to help?

Some companies might not find it worth their time to answer such questions. However, if you, their customer email them that you would like to see them on my list of brands that don’t support animal testing, they are more likely to do an exception and answer my email as soon as they can.

Pending Brands

These are the brands that I am awaiting feedback or clarification from:

  • Baby Kingdom
  • Conad
  • Fluff
  • Goldwell
  • IDUN Minerals
  • IQ
  • Milk_Shake
  • Miss Nella
  • Nesti Dante
  • Payot
  • Plantur
  • Skandia
  • Spuma di Sciampagna
  • TS Life
  • UC Natural

Updated 08.11.2021