Cruelty-free Pending Brands List

What is the Pending Brands list?

Starting in 2021, I am contacting brands to find out whether they are cruelty-free or not. It’s not a simple question as in “are you cruelty-free” or “do you test on animals”. It’s a set of around 10 questions that could make or break their cruelty-free status. The pending list is a list of brands who I have contacted but still did not receive a reply from or their answer was so vague that I replied back asking for more clarification.

A brand has been on the pending list for months now, what can I do to help?

Some companies might not find it worth their time to answer such questions. However, if you, their customer email them that you would like to see them on my cruelty-free list, they are more likely to do an exception and answer to my email as soon as they can.

Pending Brands

These are the brands that I am awaiting feedback or clarification from:

  • Baby Kingdom
  • Conad
  • IDUN Minerals
  • IQ
  • Goldwell
  • Milk_Shake
  • Miss Nella
  • Payot
  • Plantur
  • Skandia
  • Spuma di Sciampagna
  • TS Life

Updated 19.07.2021