Veggie Awareness Month 2016 Initiative

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In Malta we have a lot of organisations which are against animal cruelty. However in these last five years that has been existing, I don’t remember seeing big campaign about animal cruelty awareness as big as we see in October for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. There have been protests, articles here and there, facebook posts and low-budget awareness campaigns but their lifetime was to short that they eventually die down. Till now there hasn’t been something that really left an impact.

Therefore, after waiting for 5 years for something to happen, I’ve decided to take the initiative and I am aiming to do something for either October for Vegetarian Awareness Month or November for Vegan Awareness Month. Since in October there will be already occupied with Breast Cancer Awareness Month campaigns, I will most likely organise the campaign in November and merge both Vegetarianism and Veganism in a one month campaign.

However I can’t do all this alone as a big campaign needs lots of money, sponsors and people who can donate their money, time, skills or expertise.

We can’t let more cruelty happen to animals while waiting for someone to do something, I am ready to start something this year, now it’s up to you to join me and help with any way you can!

Please either donate using the form below or contact me to specify in what way you can lend a hand in this campaign.

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