The Program

The Program is for brands who are against animal testing. aims to share information about companies, products and lifestyle with consumers. I get daily questions about whether certain brands are supporting or against animal testing. Apart from that I also get asked for alternatives for particular product types. This shows that my readers and followers are seriously concerned about the animal testing values of the companies they support.

Before this program I was adding brands to my cruelty-free list based on suggestions by followers and readers, without having deeply researched about them. I did research, but only enough to give a quick answer. On the other hand I did not have a relationship with any representant of the brand. So I did not know if the brand was really in Malta, if it was still in Malta, or whether it was just a brand available to Malta through the US and to order from it you would need to pay customs. So I decided to start from scratch to have a more trustworthy list. To do so, I had to change my process, and start the Program.

To have your brand added to my against animal testing list(s) which I will call cruelty-free list(s), please join the Program by filling up the application form below. Upon receipt of your application I will then ask you for a small donation of €15 yearly, to cover the costs involved in confirming and reconfirming whether your brand is qualified to be listed to the list.

If your brand turns out to be completely against animal testing, I will list your brand in my against animal testing list and link it to your facebook page. You also have the option to receive 25 FREE bunny labels to use on your products or product shelves. The 25 labels are covered with your yearly donation. So no extra charges are requested for the labels unless you need more than 25. In addition you will be featured everytime I get DMd for brand suggestions.

However, in the case that your brand turns out to be supporting animal testing, your brand will be listed in my supporting animal testing list. So please before applying, make sure that your brand at least does not sell in China.

Thank you for your interest in promoting a cruelty-free lifestyle by adding your brand to my list. I look forward to hear from you. If you have any questions you can always reach me through the contact page or social media pages.

Thank you for your commitment to selling only cruelty-free products!

Fiona <3


For how long will my brand be listed?

Some brands change their cruelty-free status overnight. To make sure that I have an up to date list, you are required to re-apply yearly.

I am a cruelty-free start up but I can’t afford the donation, is there a way I can still get my brand on the list?

Yes. Many brands in Malta that are against animal testing, are small and might not afford paying the donation just yet. In this case, let me know what you afford to offer.

Does my brand get certified after joining your program?

The main purpose of this program is to have your brand added in the list and endorsed by me. If it’s a certification which you are after there are lots of internationally recognised organisations that offer cruelty-free certifications.

My brand is certified by PETA, Leaping Bunny and/or other recognised organisation. Do I still need to apply?

Ideally yes. These last few months I have been noticing that a recognised organisation has certified cruelty-free brands even if these brands are still being sold in China, i.e. prone to non-routine animal testing by authorities. This resulted in consumers trusting this organisation even less. Meaning consumers that are aware about this issue, are thinking twice before supporting brands certified by this organisation.

Are there any other benefits in joining your program?

Apart from the benefits mentioned above, I will re-share some of your social media news posts, which I believe that is relevant to my followers and readers, on my accounts. Other suggestions of collaboration are always welcome as my main aim and joy is to share brands that are against animal testing.

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