Event: Femme Beauty Launch Party

Last Monday, thanks to Christina and Luisa,  I was one of the lucky bloggers who attended the launch party of Femme Beauty under new management.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wGw_oID6shE]
A brief introduction for those who, like me before Monday, haven’t heard of Femme Beauty before. Femme Beauty is nail and beauty salon in Attard which has been recently taken over by Christina, a nail technician who has been working at Femme Beauty for the past one and a half years, together with her beauty and make-up artist friend Luisa.

These two beautiful young ladies were offered the opportunity of a lifetime, to keep the goodwill of an established salon in Attard which offers various beauty services with the use of various renowned brands such as Gelish, Pronails, Zoya and OPI for their nail services, Ainhoa for their facials and other skin and body care services, and Make-up Studio for make-up application. Some of these brands are even sold at Femme Beauty.

Another brand which is also sold at Femme Beauty is the made in Malta soy wax room fragrance brand My Melts.

After the event I went home with a goodie bag from Make-up Studio, which I found out to be cruelty-free. The goodie bag consisted of a small foundation bottle which I will probably give to my mum since she’s searching for a good foundation, a black lip liner which I will be using as an eyeliner as I can’t see how I can use black for my lips (maybe for an ombre lips effect?) but I am always in need of black eyeliners, and 2 eyeshadows. Apart from that, I also received a sample from My Melts which I will be using at my boyfriend’s place in my next visit to Germany! <3

The one small drawback that I found about the salon is finding the salon. I have never been at Femme Beauty before and Google maps decided to be mean to me that evening that when I was near the salon, it told me that I am still far away from it. However, at the end I managed to find the salon and parking availability was not a problem. The next time that I’ll visit, I will know exactly where to find it.

Just a tip for when you visit, if you’re near Attard’s speed camera, you’re close to the salon! 😉


Disclaimer: I wasn’t paid to do this post. I confirm this unless stated otherwise on my post.


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