Starting a Vegan Lent Challenge for 2017

Vegan Lent Challenge 2017

As mentioned in a previous post, my new year resolution for this year was to challenge myself to have vegan days. During January and February, I made sure that on Mondays I eat and drink vegan. I did succeed so I thought it’s time to add a second vegan day of the week. Since Lent was approaching, I thought, why not have a vegan Lent?

During Lent, Catholics in Malta are supposed to fast twice a week by eating only 2 meat-free meals a day. In these two days, we are also supposed not to eat sweets and not to snack in between meals. The reason is to control your mind over your body and not to easily give in to pleasures and vices. Since I am Vegetarian, I am already not eating meat and also not eating fish. Somehow for Catholics fish is not meat, we might soon find fish in the vegetable section. So I thought since by following the Catholic suggestion, I won’t be affected, I have to tweak it a bit.

That’s how I’ve decided to spend a Vegan Lent by keeping my Vegan Mondays and add a Vegan Wednesday, for the months of March and April.

Since fast days for Catholics are Wednesdays and Fridays and not Mondays and Wednesdays, I am still considering whether to add also Friday and have a third day or I just add Friday for Good Friday.

What do you think I should do about Friday? Do you also fast during Lent? You are welcome to join my personal challenge.

I will no longer be sharing my Vegan journey on Snapchat, I will be using Instagram stories instead. So make sure you follow me on Instagram.


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