Cruelty-free makeup brands list for Malta

Cruelty-free makeup brands list in Malta

Since most popular brands in Malta are known to support animal testing, I have been frequently asked for a cruelty-free makeup brands list. There are a lot of cruelty-free makeup brands in the market, some of which we might not have discovered yet. However, in this blog post, I will focus on cruelty-free makeup brands list of makeup that I have been using during at least these last three months.

Essence cosmetics

Some people who have asked me for a cruelty-free makeup brands list were looking for an e.l.f. cosmetics alternative. This was due to the shutdown of the European e.l.f. cosmetics e-shop which happened a few years ago. Till now, I have always suggested Essence as a suitable cruelty-free e.l.f. cosmetics alternative. In my opinion, they are the best brand in Malta for anyone who wants good cruelty-free makeup at an affordable price, especially students and teenagers. My vegan nail care collection is all from Essence. I will one day share it with you. With regard to this brand, I was asked whether essence is cruelty-free. The answer is that Essence aren’t yet certified cruelty-free but they are against animal testing, and some of Essence cosmetics products are also vegan-friendly.

Catrice cosmetics

For those who can afford a bit more, I would suggest Catrice cosmetics. Catrice cosmetics and Essence cosmetics are both owned by cosnova. While essence cosmetics targets teenagers, Catrice targets 20-year-olds and over. I buy more products from Essence rather than Catrice. What I buy from Catrice is what I don’t manage to find from Essence. Same as for Essence cosmetics, I also get asked whether Catrice is cruelty-free and the answer is the same. Just like their sister company, Essence cosmetics, Catrice is also against animal testing. Catrice also has some vegan-friendly products.

Pupa Milano

If you are ready to pay more for high quality, you don’t have to look for a designer brand. Pupa Milano has all the stylish and high-quality cruelty-free makeup products you need. Their mascaras, nail polishes and palettes are currently my most favourite product from Pupa Milano. Just the same as Essence and Catrice, Pupa Milano is not certified cruelty-free but they are against animal testing. With regards to whether any of Pupa Milano’s makeup products are vegan, I am currently waiting for a reply.

Lily Lolo Mineral Cosmetics

Lily Lolo is another brand where I am ready to pay high-quality and a bit more to have more natural than synthetic ingredients in my product. I’ve started with this brand by buying the Lily Lolo foundation. Recently, I have bought all the shades of Lily Lolo’s nail polish, they are very and more long lasted than I’ve expected, considering that they are natural. Lily Lolo is certified cruelty-free and most of Lily Lolo’s makeup is vegan.

Sleek cosmetics

I have only tried one product from Sleek cosmetics till now, which is the Sleek Matt Me liquid lipstick in Shabby Chic. This Sleek lipstick is vegan-friendly and it is as good as I expected it to be if not better. I have never tried Kylie Cosmetics liquid lipsticks, but I think I don’t have to as Sleek’s liquid lipstick gives my lips the same effect at a much more affordable price. Sleek is also not certified cruelty-free yet but they are against animal testing.

Those are the cruelty-free makeup brands I’ve tried till today. There are more brands that I still have to try in the coming months such as Bottega Verde, MUD, blinc, and another affordable vegan, natural and organic makeup brand called puroBio.

Do you know of any cruelty-free makeup brands that are available in Malta? Which ones?

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