8 Vegan Goodies I found in the Lucky Vegan Box March 2017 + GIVEAWAY

Lucky Vegan Box March 2017

Lucky Vegan Box March 2017 Video Transcript

Hello, CrueltyFreeMalta! This is Fiona. Today is a sunny day in Offenburg and yesterday I’ve received my Lucky Vegan Box March 2017, so I thought I’ll take the opportunity to film my Lucky Vegan Box March 2017 unboxing video.

The first item in the box is the list of products that the box contains. The total worth of the Lucky Vegan Box March 2017 is €23.18 while I paid €14.90, for it and if you ship it to Malta you have to pay an extra €8, if I’m not mistaken, which is the delivery costs. I have 7 food products
this time and 1 non-food product. So let’s check what magazine I’ve received this time.

It’s my favourite Vegan World magazine. The March and April 2017. I like this magazine, 1 it’s free and 2 my German although I studied up to B1, I’m still not as fluent as a native German speaker. So I tend to understand more the recipes which this magazine as a lot of rather than the articles.

The first product in the box is the Provamel Soya Dessert. It’s vanilla flavour soy dessert. It’s vegan, gluten-free and certified organic. It contains 500 ml and it weighs 525 g.

The next food product is Govinda Sesam Früchte Taler, which is this one. It means Govinda Sesame Fruit “pieces”? I don’t know what’s “Taler” exactly. From what I am seeing in the packet, they are snacks made out of sesame and fruit. It’s raw, certified organic and vegan. It weighs 100 g.

The third food product in the box is from Vitam, it’s this bread spread. It’s the Vitam Wie Leberwurst, which means Vitam Like Leberwürst. It’s a bread spread made to taste like the German Leberwürst. It is certified organic, vegan and it weighs 120 g.

The fourth food product in the box is tea, it’s from Haritea Chai Mokka. It’s this box. It’s certified organic, vegan and contains 16 tea bags.

The fifth food product is a drink. It’s the Taste Nirvana Coco Matcha. It has 280 ml. It’s coconut water with matcha green tea. It’s vegan and without GMOs.

The sixth food product in the box is from Wilmersburger, it’s Ravioli. This ravioli is vegan, certified organic and it weighs 250 g. The last food product in this box is from

The last food product in this box is from Kiwa, it’s the Kiwi Kochbananen Chips. It means Kiwa Cooked Bananas Chips. It’s gluten-free, without GMOs and made from sustainable palm oil from Ecuador. It weighs 85 g. The last product in the box is the non-food product. I’ve left it for last on purpose because it’s only

The last product in the box is the non-food product. I’ve left it for last on purpose because it’s only 1 product. It’s the Weleda Duschcreme Reisegröse, meaning Weleda shower cream in travel site. I’ve got the sea buckthorn vitalizing cream shower cream and I also have another shower cream, travel sized for sensitive skin.

That’s all for today’s unboxing of the Lucky Vegan Box March 2017. I hope you find this video useful if you want me to film other types of video or if you want me to change the style of this video, please comment in the comment box below. I will leave a link to the Lucky Vegan box in the description and like this video if you want more of this kind of videos.

Thank you and see you next month.


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