What makes beer not vegan?

Beer not Vegan

While building up the list for the vegan international beer brands, I thought of also list what makes beer not vegan.

You might ask but most beer consists of only grains and water, how can it be not vegan. As with other food and beverage products, nowadays many processed consumables contain more ingredients than we have assumed. There are some beers that contain animal-derived ingredients such as:

What makes beer not vegan?

  • Glycerol monostearate
    This ingredient creates foam in beer. Most of the time it is derived from animal fats.
  • Honey
    Most vegans do not consider honey to be vegan. Honey sweetens the beer.
  • Lactose
    This is a sugar derived from milk. Milk stouts usually contain this ingredient.
  • Silicon dioxide, gelatin, polyclar, and isinglass
    Isinglass derived from the swim bladders of fish. These ingredients are used to filter the beer from the yeast.

4 Beer Brands That Are Not Vegan

So the brands that contain ingredients that make beer not vegan, which I could find till now are:

If you have questions on other beer brands, please let me know and I will list it accordingly.

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