5 Facts About Animal Leather


I have skipped 2 Fridays already. This means that 2 fashion posts were not written so I made sure I do not skip a third. As I did with the last 3 fashion posts, today I am writing facts about another animal-derived material. Today I am writing about some facts which you might not have known about animal leather.

  • Cows, pigs, goats, sheep, exotic animals such as alligators, ostriches, kangaroos, dogs and cats are used for animal leather
  • Leather is usually unlabelled which makes it hard to know if it is from a dog or a cat
  • Most of the time leather is imported from countries like China or India where animal welfare laws are not enforced
  • Tanning the leather causes pollution leading to workers involved dying of cancer
  • Cruelty-free alternatives include Barkcloth, Cork, Pinatex, Recycled Ultrasuede, Glazed Cotton, Paper, Recycled PET Polyester, Degradable Polyurethane.

These are the facts I found about animal leather. Do you know of others? Your input could help others in choosing cruelty-free.


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