6 Facts About Silk


Continuing from where I left off in 2018. I am starting the year by listing down the facts about another animal derived alternative. Not everyone knows that silk is an animal product.

For a while, even as someone who is trying to transition to vegan, I was thinking what is wrong with taking silk for a silkworm? Is it not like finding an uninhabited spider web and make material from it? It seems that it’s not so let me point out some facts about silk.

  • Silkworm cocoon is the source of silk
  • Cocoons containing living silkworms are boiled
  • To produce around 450g of silk, one needs to kill about 3000 worms
  • Silkworm farms are breeding blind silkworms that have the inability to fly
  • Rayon, Nylon, Polyester, Bamboo and Cotton are vegan alternatives to silk
  • Eco-friendly vegan alternatives include Lyocell, Silk Cotton, Ceiba Tree Filaments and Milkweed Seed Pod Fibers

These are the facts I found about silk. Do you know of others? Your input could help others in choosing animal-free.



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