Nouveau Lashes Extend lash extensions review

I took long to accept applying eye makeup. It was ok for me to apply all makeup except for the ones that have to do with eyes. Slowly, slowly I introduced eye makeup one product at a time. First it was eyeshadow. Then it was eyeliners. I then convinced myself that since I was careful in applying eyeliner, I would be careful with mascaras. It’s not the first time that I managed to hit my eye with the mascara brush. I now got over the fears I had about eye makeup when I was younger.

Two months ago Claire from Nouveau Lashes contacted me to tell me about their lash treatment offers, and to offer me a free treatment to try and review. Their brand is cruelty-free and most of their treatments are also vegan. I was about to say no for the treatment. Just like the eye makeup fear I had when I was a teenager, till two months ago, I had the same fear about lash treatments. Remember, mascara was the last eye makeup product I introduced to myself.

I told Claire about my fear and asked her further questions, so that hopefully I consider try it. In the end I ignored my fears and accepted to try the LVL. It seemed to be the less scary one. To ease my mind, I tried to look for reviews about Nouveau Lashes Malta but could not find anything. However, I still attempted to trust the brand. The reason being that although I could not find reviews on the Malta branch, I could find information about Nouveau Lashes international on Google. So the day came, I spoke with Claire again. My lashes were too short for LVL and LVL treatment is no longer vegan. Therefore, I accepted to try the extensions. As with any other treatment I filled up and signed a form.

Things to consider

Claire applied the flat lash version of Nouveau Lashes’ Extend lash treatment.

Wash hair before treatment

Your lashes shouldn’t be in contact with water for a minimum of 48 hours after extensions were applied. This point is a note to self as I went there a day before my next hair wash. My hair gets dirty fast and when it’s dirty it looks very greasy. So washing my hair after 48 hours was a relief. I usually clean my face by washing it with soap. For these 48 hours I used cleanser and toner instead.

Avoid applying mascara

During my 3 weeks with extensions I haven’t applied mascara. Even the one time I went to a makeup artist to get my makeup done, I warned the makeup artist that I have lash extensions on. She just applied mascara on my lower lashes. After the 4th week I started applying mascara.

Avoid oil based products on lashes

Apart from face products, as my face will break out if I don’t, I did not see the need to apply my usual daily makeup for those 3 weeks. Only in the rare times that I needed a full look, I did so. However, I made sure to use oil-free makeup remover to remove eye makeup so that my extensions last long.

Session review

Duration: How long did the session take?

The session lasted maximum 1 hour 45 minutes. Most likely less as 1 hour 45 minutes is the duration of the video that my phone was filming during the session.

Experience: Was the session comfortable?

To tell you the truth, it was not comfortable to lie for nearly two hours in the same position but it was bearable. I was happy that I managed to prove myself wrong. Nothing from what I feared happened, no accidents. The extensions are glued on top of the top natural lashes. So for me it’s seems safer than applying magnetic lashes. Also Claire seemed very experienced in the eye lash business. No mistakes were done. The session ran so smooth that I would think thrice before I trust anyone else with my lashes.

Price: How much does it cost?

As I said the treatment was free for me for PR purposes. However, I was afraid to ask the price as I expected it to exceed €100. I calculated that price based on the average rate for a back massage. So I said if 25 minutes of back massage cost €30, 90 minutes of eyelash application would cost more than €100. Since I was frequently asked on Instagram about the price, I asked Claire. To my surprise the Nouveau Lashes Extend treatment costs just €70 and the infills just half price.

Durability: How long do the extensions last?

As I mentioned, the lashes are stuck on natural lashes. So they fall off when it’s time for your natural lash to fall. They looked full during the first two weeks. During the third week they still looked good but not as full as the first two weeks. So they were right, they do last 2 – 3 weeks. I wanted to do infills but I was too busy. I needed to empty the apartment and prepare to move to Germany, I was looking for a dress to wear for our wedding and was preparing and delivering the cruelty-free beauty box. So I took it as an opportunity to test out if it really lasts as long as they say or if it is some kind of sales tactic. However, they were right, if you want full lashes, 3 weeks is maximum.

Conclusion: Would I go through it again?

Yes, I am considering to do it for my wedding. I don’t know how to fit it since it will most probably happen in Germany. I doubt that one or two weeks before the wedding I will visit Malta. However, you can never tell, something might come up.

Thank you Nouveau Lashes Malta for offering me this service. You helped me overcome another one of my fears and gave me nice lashes.

DISCLAIMER: This is a PR post.




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