Is Clinique cruelty-free in 2021?

Is Clinique cruelty-free?

Today I am investigating a popular skincare brand called Clinique. In this post, we will find out if Clinique is cruelty-free and how I came to my conclusion.

Does Clinique test on animals?

  • “We do not conduct animal testing on our products or ingredients, nor ask others to test on our behalf, except when required by law.”
    This means that Clinique tests on animals when required by law.

Is Clinique owned by a parent that is not cruelty-free?

Estée Lauder owns Clinique. PETA lists Estée Lauder on their companies that test on animals list.

Is Clinique certified cruelty-free?

No Clinique is not certified cruelty-free. PETA lists Clinique as a company that tests on animals.

Is Clinique cruelty-free?

From the first question, it is already assumed that Clinique is not cruelty-free, and PETA lists it as a brand that tests on animals. We can get a hint about why it is considered so.

Does Clinique sell in Mainland China?

Unfortunately, Clinique sells cosmetics in China. I have managed to find their Mainland China website. So I assume that at some stage when they started selling in Mainland China they did not work on ways to avoid to have their products tested on animals.

Which brands should I support instead?

If you are looking for a brand who is serious about their anti-animal-testing policy. Check my list of brands that are against animal testing.

Source: Clinique Mainland China website and Clinique animal testing policy as at 9.2.2020 


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