4 Cruelty-free Brands of Anti-Stretch Mark Oil

Cruelty-free Anti Stretch Mark Oil Brands

NOTE: This list contains both certified cruelty-free brands and brands that I verified as not supporting animal testing.

The first beauty product every mum-to-be has to stock up on and start using is an anti-stretch mark oil. I thought such a product has to be used after birth. However, it is recommended to use an anti-stretch mark oil as soon as the pregnancy test is positive. This means that this product is meant to be used both as a stretch mark prevention and also treatment. I had already one anti-stretch mark product in mind to try but I like to know what other options I have. So I did some research and found out these brands of anti-stretch mark oil that are either certified cruelty-free or not certified but still do not support animal testing.

Attitude Blooming Belly Stretch Oil Almond & Argan

(certified cruelty-free, vegan and natural)

Shop Attitude Blooming Belly Stretch Oil Almon and Argan from Ecco-Verde.de (EU) @ €14.99
I was going to opt for this as it’s certified cruelty-free unlike the one I am currently using, and the ingredient list looks so simple and natural. However, it contains rosemary oil one of the essential oils my aromatherapy books recommend me to stay away from during pregnancy. So I plan to buy it and try it out as an ongoing stretch mark treatment after the nursing period is over.

Shop from Ecco-Verde.de (EU) @ €14.99     /     Shop from Najoba (DE) @ €9.99

HiPP Mamasanft Massageöl

(not animal tested, vegan)

Shop HiPP Mamasanft Massageöl from Amazon.de (EU) @ € 7.79
I have recently verified HiPP body care products as not supporting animal testing. They and their third parties don’t test on animals plus they don’t sell in countries that require animal testing. Same as the Attitude one, due to it containing rosemary extract, I would use this product as an ongoing stretch mark treatment after the nursing period is over.

Shop from Amazon.de (EU) @ € 7.79

KIT & KIN Stretch Mark Oil

(certified cruelty-free, vegan and natural)

Shop KIT & KIN Stretch Mark Oil from Bump & Me (MT) @ €13.99
After discovering this cruelty-free brand in Malta, I tried to look for KIT & KIN in Germany but I haven’t found it till a week ago on a German online shop. So as soon as I have a big order to buy from this German online shop, I am aiming to stock up on this KIT & KIN stretch mark oil.

Shop from Bump & Me (MT) @ €13.99     /     Shop from Galaxus (DE) @ €17.23

Weleda Stretch Mark Massage Oil

(not animal tested, vegan, organic, natural)

Weleda is one of the few brands I started using since the beginning of my cruelty-free journey. It is not certified cruelty-free yet. However, they don’t support animal testing and their products are organic, natural and their products either vegan or vegetarian. Weleda Stretch Mark Massage Oil is the anti-stretch mark oil I have been using since the start of my pregnancy. Its scent is so mild and it is the closest I can get to a spa day feeling. Unfortunately, expecting mothers can’t have a real spa day. So this oil is the closest I can get. Although I would try cruelty-free anti-stretch mark oil from other brands, I would still buy this product in between.

Shop from Feelunique (EU) @ €19.03     /    Shop from Disapo (DE) @ €11.34

Which brands have I missed that deserve to be listed?

Now that I am a mum-to-be, my search for cruelty-free products has restarted. This time for mama and baby products. For now, I am focusing on mama products. However, when I am approaching the third trimester I start looking for also cruelty-free baby products so that I have them handy once our little one is out. Don’t get me wrong I will still feature everyday products as some cruelty-free beauty products like intimate care, hair removal and certain hair products are still scarce. So don’t go anywhere! 😊

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