Review: Pupa Milano Anti-Eta’ BB Cream

Some weeks ago I received a packet from Pupa Milano in Malta containing two products to try and review. One of the products was Pupa Milano’s new BB Cream which targets wrinkles and fine lines.

First of all, do you know what a BB Cream is? I didn’t know what it was until I found out with the help of my friend Wikipedia. A BB Cream is a product which replaces the 5 products you use as base before applying make up. This means the BB Cream replaces the face serum, moisturiser, sunblock, primer and foundation which is great if you don’t like occupying space with lots of beauty products.

My mother is currently looking for a good foundation to hide her pigmentation and as I haven’t seen any wrinkles on my face except for fine lines around my eyes, I decided to give the Pupa Milano BB Cream + Anti-Eta’ to my mum to try it.

Pupa Milano BB Cream + Anti Eta’

One thing you need to understand about my mother is that she’s hard to please, and since I haven’t found any source which says that the Pupa Milano BB Creams have full coverage, I was already assuming that she would come back to me and say that the BB Cream is rubbish.

However to my surprise, she really liked it because mainly it covered the big dark spot which she desperately wants to hide. Another big plus for her is that it comes in a plastic tube, as she is not a big fan of glass containers especially after she dropped one of the other foundations I gave her.

My mum also liked the fact that the Pupa Milano BB Cream her skin felt soft, unlike when she applies foundation as they tend to leave her face dry and cakey. When I told her that it’s an all in one product she saw it as a plus as she doesn’t like putting lots of stuff on her face. If she didn’t have the big dark spot issue, she would use nothing more than soap and water on her face.

One last thing my mother liked about the product is the shade. Pupa Milano’s BB Creams come in two shades Nude which is suitable for light to medium skin tones and Sand which is siutable for medium to dark skin tones. Whenever I bought her concealers she complains that I buy them lighter than her skin tone, so when I gave her the Pupa Milano BB Cream she thought it would be too light for her. However it turned out that it blended in with the natural skin tone.

I asked my mother if there is anything that she didn’t like about the product. She said she liked it, which is strange for me to hear as she usually criticise everything. Oh well, Pupa Milano seemed to have managed to meet my mothers needs.

Close up of the big dark spot covered in Pupa Milano BB Cream + Anti-Eta’

Will she buy the next one? Yes, as soon as she uses up her old foundation and this Pupa Milano BB Cream she is considering to buy the Pupa Milano BB Cream + Dark Spot Treatment as she is more concerned about her dark spot rather than about her wrinkles.

Do you have any experience with cruelty-free BB creams? Which one is your favourite? Would you give Pupa Milano BB Creams a go? I would love to know!

Pupa Milano products can be found in various Pharmacies on the island, if you would like to know who’s your nearest stockist, message Pupa Milano in Malta on facebook. They are always happy to help.

DISCLAIMER: I wasn’t paid to do this review. In my reviews, even when items are given to me for free, I always list all pros and cons that I find no matter how close the company is to my heart. I confirm this unless stated otherwise on my review.