Time for a cruelty-free makeup Spring clean 2021 look

Spring 2021 Makeup Look

What comes to mind when you hear “Spring Cleaning”? To me its when we “deep cleanse” our home in the springtime. Some chores that we rarely do during the year, like cleaning the windows, I try to at least do them in Spring. Slightly home cleaning related, Spring 2021 I am focusing on spring cleaning or maybe better clearing some items from our home, for instance, my makeup collection.

Some people collect shoes, others collect clothes. I seem to collect makeup. Since the start of this blog, I have collected a lot of makeup. Around half of them were generously gifted to me to try and review, and around another half I bought. I have saved the good ones that were limited editions to use on special occasions. However, the more I grew up, the less special occasions I had, so these products ended up lying in my drawer collecting dust. A year ago I have decided to use up these products and not buy anything new before I do so. Thanks to COVID, this task became harder. So this year during a lockdown, I have found another way to use them up. This is by filming a makeup look each month using mostly the same products each time.

Today, I thought of sharing with you my Spring 2021 makeup look, using products from cruelty-free brands, some of which are also vegan. I hope you will like it. You can go ahead and create your version of this look with old and unsealed makeup products which you would like to “spring clean”.

Spring 2021 makeup look consists of:

Eye products

Face products

Lips products

  • Essence XXXL Shine Lipgloss – 022 (v) *

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