An alternative use for the ELF Foundation Brush

Before I bought this foundation brush I used to apply my foundation with either my fingers or most of the time with blending sponge wedges which I used to buy at about €0.35 each from Lysette in Zachary Street, Valletta.

Then I found out, from video tutorials and blogs, that foundation brushes are better. The sources said that a sponge absorbs a lot of the product, more than it puts on your skin. So I decided to buy a foundation brush. I bought the ELF Foundation Brush which costs less than €2.

I have never managed to apply foundation with this brush!

Every once or twice a week I apply The Body Shop‘s Blue Corn 3in1 Deep Cleansing Scrub Mask. I was always looking for a tool to apply mask to my face, didn’t find it practical for me to apply this mask with my fingers.

Since foundation is a product you apply on your face and mask is as well, I thought of using the ELF Foundation Brush to apply my face mask… and it worked!!

Therefore, now I have a brush to apply my face mask every once or twice a week.

I didn’t give up on ELF’s brushes, I just bought the ELF Studio Angled Foundation Brush which costs double the price of my first foundation brush, but maybe I’ll find it more practical for me (will let you know on another blog post). Apart from the brush I’ve also bought a packet of ELF‘s Blending Wedges, so if this brush also doesn’t work for me, I will still have a tool to apply my foundation with.

Post your queries, opinions and suggestions below, I’ll make sure to reply 🙂 –fifi

Disclaimer: I am not paid to do this review, by neither ELF nor a ELF reseller. It’s only my honest opinion. I bought this product myself


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