Review: The Konjac Sponge

Recently I have added a new item to my oily skin care collection. This is the Konjac Puff Sponge with Bamboo Charcoal. Since it is a new product in the Maltese market, Blends of Nature, the stockist of the konjac sponge in Malta, sent me one to try it and give them my opinion about it.

Before, reading my review about this sponge, here’s a video with a brief information about this item:



So here’s my review…


  • Soft
    I was getting goosebumps while watching the vlogger using the sponge on her eye area, but now that I have the sponge I know that it’s not as rough as I thought, on the contrary, it is very soft. It feels even softer than my cotton pads.
  • Can be also be used on the eye area
    Very good feature as I could remove the left overs left by my eye make-up remover and cotton pads.
  • Face feels clean and fresh
    My face feels a bit much cleaner and fresher with my current soap than with this sponge, but for times when I don’t have my soap with me, this sponge cleanses my face much better than just using water, as it helps me remove excess oil without generating more excess.
  • Ideal for work/travel
    I rarely put on make-up for work. The only time I apply make-up is when I have an important meeting at work or an event after work, the rest I try to leave my face make-up-free. Therefore during the days when I was make-up-free and the weather was getting a bit warmer (the warmer the weather, the oilier my face gets), I took this sponge at work and used it at midday. To use this sponge I only need water and after I don’t need to dry my face with a towel as it gets quickly air-dried. Therefore, it saves me from carrying soap and a clean towel everyday.The next time I go abroad, I am thinking of taking this sponge, make-up removal wipes, and  a moisturiser for my daily travel skin care routine. I don’t like using the towels provided by hotels, on my face. Their smell makes me think that they are full of bad bacteria for my face. So this sponge will be saving my travel days from the “bad” hotel towels and weight from carrying my own face towel.
  • Space/weight saver
    By carrying this sponge with me when I go abroad, I will be saving more weight and space in my luggage… More space for shopping items and souvenirs :p
  • Eco-friendly
    Water consumption is regulated with this sponge as you only need water to wet the sponge and clean it.
  • Natural
    Konjac is an Asian potato plant. This makes it natural. Some of the sponges contain clay, which is also natural and mine contains bamboo charcoal which is derived from a plant too. If I am not mistaken this sponge is free from animal products.


  • Needs extra help for make-up removal
    Like other human beings, I like having a 100% miracle product, therefore one of my disappointments about this sponge is that it doesn’t remove make-up on it’s own. I need to first remove my make-up with a make-up remover, then use the sponge to remove what’s left.
  • Konjac Body Sponges are not yet available in Malta
    My other disappointment is that the body sponges are not yet available in Malta. I am really looking forward to try the Konjac body sponges which have been recently launched in the UK. 
    Now they are!

CONCLUSION: I think I’ll buy the plain one for home and use it with my face soap. The Bamboo Charcoal one, seems perfect for work and travel. Konjac Sponge prices start from €7 which in my opinion is not bad if you’re considering of replacing most of your skin care products with this skin friendly product, and considering other positive factors that I’ve mentioned above. Don’t forget that the more you take care of it, the more it lasts 😉 – fifi 🙂

DISCLAIMER: I am not paid to do this review. Products mentioned were purchased by me for my personal use and I am not affiliated with any brands. I confirm this unless stated otherwise on my review. Please respect my genuine and honest opinion 🙂


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