Review: PUPA Milano Jeans ‘n’ Roses Collection

My first PUPA Milano experiences

The first time I discovered PUPA Milano was when I was a little girl of about 5 to 7 years old. My aunt had one of the 90s PUPA Pyramid Beauty Kit, which I admired. Nearly in every level, the pyramid had some palettes or other cosmetics. I don’t have a picture of how it looked exactly, but my small 5 year old brain kept notes of some details.

PUPA Milano Sonnolone Sweety Bear Make Up Kit

The first time I owned a pupa item was last year. I was talking with Denise from the All Things Fabulous Blog about the first time I discovered PUPA Milano, I had also mentioned that one day when I finish most of my make-up, I am planning to buy a beauty kit because I really admire them, if not to use them at least to collect them. On my birthday, me and Denise went out to Wagamama. My reason to go to Wagamama wasn’t exactly to celebrate my birthday, since I’ve lost the point of celebrating my birthday, my reason was to start trying vegetarian dishes with Denise, since she’s vegetarian. As soon as we sat down, she gave me her present … :$

When I opened it, it was a small and cute PUPA Milano Sonnolone Sweety Bear Make Up Kit !!! … ^^, Inside it has blue shades (unlike the images I found on google), since Denise is a big fan of blue shades.

Back to the PUPA Milano Jeans ‘n’ Roses Limited Edition Spring 2012 Collection…

A few days ago, I was one of the few lucky bloggers who were offered to choose items, from the NEW PUPA Milano Jeans ‘n’ Roses Limited Edition Collection for Spring 2012, to try.

The collection consists of:

Since I have already a lot of eye products to use, I only chose the:
  • Lipstylo in Shade 01 Peony Pink, and
  • Lasting Color Nail polish in Shade 210 Peach Rose
Peony Pink (01) Lipstylo
  • Smells of vanilla
    Tempting your guy to re/taste your lips (tried and tested) … ;p
    Apart from that I love the scent of vanilla!!
  • 2-in-1 (lip stick and gloss)Although it looks like a lipstick, it leaves a shimmery glossy finish.
  • Sheer shade
    This shade is sheer, good to use on top of a more pigmented lipstick. I only use it alone.
  • Good for Summer
    I imagine this shade to be great for beach make-up in Summer, since it’s a sheer and shimmery gloss lipstick. So if Spring is over, you can keep on using it till the end of Summer … 😉
  • None till now.
    The item I was given didn’t have a box, so I would appreciate if anyone could send me the ingredients it contains.
Peony Pink (01) Lipstylo swatch (on my lips and skin)

Peach Rose (210) Lasting Color Nail Polish
  • Very good pigment on first coat
    My photo below shows how the shade look before applying the second coat.
  • Quick dry
    It dries quicker than my low priced nail polishes
  • Interesting shade
    From the name of the shade, Peach Rose, you get the hints that the shade is between orange and pink. When I chose this shade I was in a dim lighted place, so me and the other bloggers were seeing it as an orangey coral shade, but when I was in a lighted room I saw it as a pinkish coral shade. The more lighted the room the more pink it gets, the more darkened the room the more orange it gets.
    It’s a great colour and it can be worn with any shade of clothes and make up, since it contains Pink (cool colour) and Orange (warm colour).
  • 7ml of product
    I don’t really know if I should call this a con. It depends from which perspective you see it. If you own a large collection of nail polishes having small sized nail polishes could be good as it has the amount you need for the short time that you’ll be using the particular shade. But if you are like me, you own less than 10 nail polishes, you would prefer a 10ml version as you could use it for a longer period and less wastage of packaging.
  • Limited Edition
    I love shades that can be worn with any colours, so I am a bit sad that it is only available for Spring. I hope they redo this shade for a future collection.
Peach Rose (210) Lasting Color Nailpolish swatch – my version
Peach Rose (210) Lasting Color Nailpolish swatch – PUPA Milano version
Hopefully, we will be soon having PUPA Milano items on … If we do, which PUPA Milano product would you like to buy online and why?

– fifi 🙂

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