Review: PUPA VAMP! Mascara in Amethyst Violet

VAMP! Mascara Advert (Language: Italian)

I’ve noticed that the VAMP! Mascara advert shows a fake effect of the mascara. If you look well into the model’s lashes, she has fake lashes added on her lashes. To see the real effect of this mascara check tutorial below and my photo found in my review below.

VAMP! Mascara Tutorial (Language: Italian)


VAMP! Mascara Review

At the beginning of this Summer, PUPA Milano’s Maltese importer, sent me two VAMP! Mascaras (one in Amethyst Violet and the other one in Deep Night). One to try and one to giveaway in the monthly Cruelty Free Malta facebook giveaway. I usually don’t like to try every mascara I receive as mascaras have to be used in 6 months after you open it, either it expired and dries out. Since the VAMP! Macaras I’ve received are coloured ones, I decided to open and try the Amethyst Violet. The PUPA Milano VAMP! Mascara‘s retail price in Malta is €13.85 and is available in Amethyst Violet, Deep Night and Extrablack.

  • Long lashes as soon as you apply first or second coat.
  • Nearly no clumpy lashes – from my photos above you can see that my lashes are not too much clumpy. I don’t mind having a tiny bit of clump but the more clumps I get the messy my lashes will look, in my opinion. Some people like having clumpy lashes.
  • Long lasting. Unlike the black mascara I’m using from another brand, the lashes don’t need touch ups. They still look long after 8 hours.
  • Coloured lashes whenever there is strong light. In the bottom left photo in the above photo above I had to use flash to show the shade on my lashes. My room doesn’t have strong light, so while applying the VAMP! mascara for the first time my lashes looked black, and I got disappointed. What a waste, I was thinking, I now have two black mascaras opened! But when I went out in the sun, I noticed from a mirror that my lashes looked violet. So if you love having coloured lashes but don’t want them to look obviously coloured, Amethyst Violet is the shade you need to choose. I’ve been told that the Deep Night looks blue even when there isn’t strong light.
  • Available in Black. If this review or other reviews from my fellow bloggers, tempted you to buy this new magnifying mascara but you’re not keen on coloured mascaras, PUPA Milano has also considered you in their decision in launching a Black version.
  • Stroke after stroke, volume gets exaggeratedly oversize, for thick, full and ultra dense lashes. I haven’t tried to get the volume yet as they idea of having many coats of mascaras on my lashes scares me. It might result in spending a lot of time removing the mascara. Therefore I will content myself with the long lashes part until there is a particular occasion where I need exaggerated lashes without fake lashes.
RATING: 4 / 5 stars
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