Essence and Catrice Bloggers’ Event

Today I was one of the lucky bloggers who was invited to the Essence and Catrice Bloggers’ Event held at their Maltese importer’s offices. We, bloggers, were presented with the new ranges of Essence and Catrice products that will be distributed from September in authorised Essence and Catrice reseller shops. Essence believe in spreading the word through blogs and social media. Unlike larger organisations, they don’t advertise their products heavily on TV, magazines, and other media, so that they save money and make the products affordable to their target audience.

Essence targets teens while Catrice targets post-teenage audience.

All bloggers felt like being in a make-up heaven! There were lots of colourful and good quality make-up products to try out and we were asked to choose some to take home and try out more, for feedback.

I was in a dilemma what to chose, but since I already own lots of make-up (most of which I wish to get rid of asap, since I bought them during my pre-cruelty-free era) I chose a small amount of products, which I will be reviewing in the coming days.

The products I chose are:

CATRICE: • Ultimate Colour – 220 Step Red Up • Multi Colour Blush – 060 Strawberry Frappucino • Multi Colour Blush – 070 Iced Caramel Macchiato • Lash & Brow Designer – Shaping and Conditioning Gel
ESSENCE: • french glam nail stickers – 04 french affairs • colour & go – 122 chic reloaded • colour & go – 138 L.O.L • nude glam – 04 iced latte • XXXL shine lipgloss – 022 nude kiss • multi action waterproof mascara

I had to leave early since the event was taking place during my work break, but it was one of the best work breaks I’ve had. Really wished to stayed there more and try out every product and chat with the bloggers!!!

At the end of my visit I was given two goodie bags, one with Essence goodies and the other with Catrice goodies.

The goodie bags consisted of:

ESSENCE: • super fine eyeliner pen • multi action blackest black mascara • multi action waterproof mascara • nude glam – 01 hazelnut cream pie • colour & go – 107 naughty and pink! • colour & go -129 the boy next door • stay all day longlasting eyeshadow – 08 magic must go on • stay all day longlasting eyeshadow – 07 jim-me blue • quattro eyeshadow – 11 sea my eyes • kiss care love lipbalm – 01 fruit crush • kiss care love lipbalm – 03 fruitylicious
CATRICE: • Ultimate Lip Glow – Lip Colour Intensifier • Mini Max Precision Volume Mascara • Glamour Doll Volume Mascara • Made to Stay Long Lasting Eyeshadow – 070 Mauvie Star • Made to Stay Long Lasting Eyeshadow – 080 Copper & Gabbana • Liquid Liptint – 030 Are you Red-y? • Liquid Liptint – 010 Red My Lips • Ultimate Nail Lacquer – 905 Steel My Soul • Ultimate Nail Lacquer – 895 I Am A Lob-Star • Ultimate Nail Lacquer – 880 No Snow Petrol • Absolute Eye Colour Mono – 580 Carrots Of The Carribean • Absolute Eye Colour Mono – 560 I Like To Mauve It • Absolute Eye Colour Mono – 570 Plum Up The Jam • Absolute Eye Colour Mono – 550 Saw It On Blue Tube • Prime And Fine Highlighting Powder • Ultimate Moisture Fresh Skin Make Up – 010 Light Beige • Kohl Kajal – 130 Greentings from … • Kohl Kajal – 120 Missing: Nemo! • Precision Eye Pencil – 090 Gold Me Tight!

From the brief experience I had with Essence, they are low priced but good quality. Unlike my ELF nail polishes, my Essence nail polish (the one I’ve actually bought about 2 years ago) gave already a pigmented colour on first coat and both ELF and Essence are low priced. I’ve never used Catrice before, so I will try to let you know how I’ve found them.

Thank you PharmaMT for inviting Cruelty Free Malta in the Essence and Catrice Bloggers’ Event!

DISCLAIMER: Items mentioned in this blog post were given to me for free to give my opinion. In my reviews, even when items are given to me for free, I always list all pros and cons no matter how close the company is to my heart. I confirm this unless stated otherwise on my review. Please respect my genuine and honest opinion 🙂


(a.k.a. Fiona Henschel) Malta-born blogger. I have been blogging during these last 6 years on my cruelty-free lifestyle including recipes, beauty and makeup products that I discover, receive, buy and try.