Review: Essence Colour & Go Nail Polish (122, 138)

About a month ago, I was invited to the Essence and Catrice Cosmetics Blogger event from where I was given some products from the NEW September 2012 collection to test and review. Today I will be reviewing two of the new essence colour & go nail polish one in the shade 122 chic reloaded  and the other in 138 L.O.L.

I do not have much knowledge on the previously existing shades but most probably these two shades existed before, therefore only the formula improved and the packaging changed.

essence colour & go | left – 122 chic reloaded (one coat) | right – 138 L.O.L (two coats)

essence colour & go – 122 chic reloaded

  • A very interesting metallic shade.
  • Shade made up of metallic dark purple and dark green
  • Cool tone
  • If mermaids existed, I would imagine their fishtails to have a similar shade.
  • Suitable to anyone who loves dark and metallic nail polish

essence colour & go – 138 L.O.L

  • A matte shade
  • Bright yellowish electric lime shade
  • A mix of cool and warm tone
  • Suitable for young people who like experimenting with bright colours


  • Pigmented on first coat. The experience I’ve had with other low cost cosmetic brands is that the first coat gives a transparent colour with just a hint of the actual colour.
  • Quick dry. The packaging says that it’s quick dry and I can confirm that they really are.
  • Flat brush. I find this flat brush more comfortable than the traditional nail polish round brush. You can control more the amount of product and the coverage on the nail.
  • Affordable. This pro is based on the quality versus the price next to other low cost brands. For example e.l.f. nail polishes were sold at a cheaper price then essence but they weren’t pigmented and quick dry. Now e.l.f. nail polishes are sold at a more expensive price than essence but there is no sign on the e.l.f. website that the formula has been improved.


  • Tiny air bubbles. I don’t have much experience with matte nail polishes, but I noticed tiny air bubbles after applying shade 138 L.O.L … is it normal?
  • Packaging print already vanished. The printing on the bottle is now unreadable, the printing of my old essence nail polish bottle is still fully there. I don’t know whether it is part of the EU product safety rules.
RATING: 3 / 5 stars

After going through the pros and cons, I will definitely change my low cost nail polish loyalty from e.l.f. to essence!

I still have more essence and catrice products to test and review, which one do you suggest that I test next? 🙂

DISCLAIMER: Items mentioned in this blog post were given to me for free to give my honest opinion. In my reviews, even when items are given to me for free, I always list all pros and cons I find no matter how close the company is to my heart. I confirm this unless stated otherwise on my review. Please respect my genuine opinion 🙂

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