Review: PUPA Deco Collection

I had plans to write this review last year but I was too busy with work and studies, now I am a bit relax so I thought of writing it now before something else comes up.

Last Christmas, I received a parcel from Pupa Milano in Malta. The parcel was a thank you gift and it contained two products from the Pupa Milano’s Christmas Collection, which you can see below:

Pupa Milano Deco: Diamond Eyeshadow 01, Glitter Eyeliner 04

Pupa Milano might have read my mind as my old gold eyeshadow nearly finished so I was thinking of buying a cruelty-free one, so instead I happened to received one.

To give a brief introduction, this collection is inspired by the roaring 20s, i.e. the make-up look a flapper girl would apply. I like era make-up looks so after receiving the products, I started to research on 1920s fashion and make-up looks!

Diamond Eyeshadow 01

This is the first Pupa Milano eyeshadow that I’ve used and I am really impressed.


  • Very pigmented.
  • Can be applied wet.


  • Nothing yet!

Glitter Eyeliner 04

I have never used a glitter eyeliner before so I experimented with it a bit.


  • Pigmented in glitter.
  • Good to apply over eyeliner and alone.
  • The more layers you put on the more glitters you get.


  • It takes long to dry.
  • Smudges the base eyeliner so pay extra attention when applying it.

An overall rating for these two products is: 4/5

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DISCLAIMER: Items mentioned in this blog post were given to me for free to share my honest opinion. In my reviews, even when items are given to me for free, I always list all pros and cons that I find no matter how close the company is to my heart. I confirm this unless stated otherwise on my review.

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