BUAV: The Story of The EU Ban on Animal Testing for Cosmetics

With a history spanning over 110 YEARS, we have achieved much for animals. This is how it all began.


The BUAV is founded by philanthropist and suffragette Frances Power Cobbe to end animal testing.


The BUAV encourages London shoppers to buy cruelty-free Christmas gifts.


31,304 animal tests are carried out for cosmetics in the UK.


The BUAV launches the Choose Cruelty Free  campaign with a UK bus tour.


The BUAV helps found the ECEAE to end animal tests for cosmetics in The EU.


The BUAV and ECEAE organise a major rally in Brussels.
Vanity, our larger than life ‘laboratory rabbit’ takes the campaign across Europe.
We estimate 32,700 animal tests are carried out for cosmetics in the EU.


The EU almost bans animal testing for cosmetics, it was overturned.


We present 4,000,00 signatures  to the European Commission with The Body Shop to end animal testing for cosmetics.


Leaping Bunny launched.
Up to 40,000 animals tests are carried out for cosmetics in the EU.


The UK BANS animal testing for cosmetics


The EU BANS animal testing of finished cosmetics products.


The EU BANS animal testing for cosmetics ingredients.
The sale of some animal tested cosmetics BANNED.
three animal tests are still allowed for imported cosmetics until 2013.


We launch our No Cruel Cosmetics campaign to ensure the sale of new animal tested cosmetics are banned in 2013.


The BUAV founds Cruelty-Free International to campaign for a global ban on animal tests for cosmetics.
500 companies are Leaping Bunny certified.

11th March 2013

A COMPLETE BAN on animal testing for new cosmetics sold in the EU.
Shockingly OVER 80% of the world still allows animal testing for cosmetics. But with your help we can repeat our success in the EU with a global ban.
Source: www.crueltyfreeinternational.org

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