Beauty comes from within … The interview – Part 2

Tell us about your typical day.

Well my days are fairly hectic to tell you the truth. I start work at 9am as a secretary for a notary. Afterwards I usually head either to the gym for a good workout, attend piano lesson or a shift at my part time job at St James Cavalier. I usually spend my evenings with my boyfriend at home watching a series or baking goodies to relax after a long day. And of course I have to squeeze in meetings and rehearsals for shows and competitions too!

What do you do in your free time?

When I have the time I enjoy reading, travelling, baking, playing piano and studying music theory (yes I said studying, I’m quite the nerd sometimes) I try to help out at animal shelters when I can and I also enjoy doing as many photoshoots and fashion shows as I possibly can to build up my portfolio and gain experience.

Tell us about the best part of modelling.

There are so many things to enjoy about modelling. The fancy hair, the stage makeup, the glam clothes and accessories.. I especially love having the chance to travel abroad and compete in competitions with international models. But I think the best part is just being on stage. There’s a brief second when I walk out from backstage onto the runway, as soon as I see the lights and the crowd, I get an adrenaline rush and switch into catwalk mode. It’s a great feeling.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years from now?

There are so many things that I want to do in my lifetime and situations change so often it’s hard to plan that far ahead. But I know for sure that I would like to be teaching Music full time and either have finished or be working on my master’s degree in Classics. But regardless of where I am in 5 years’ time, the most important thing to me is being happy.


Who is your inspiration/role model?

Casey Abrams. I first found out about him while watching American Idol with my mom and brother at home. During that same period I was diagnosed with a chronic illness. It hadn’t been easy getting my condition under control and I was still trying to wrap my head around it. Then my mom pointed out that Casey Abrams had the same illness as me. The story came out because he had to be hospitalised during the show. Although my condition isn’t that rare I didn’t know anyone else who passed through the same situation.

Watching someone dealing with the same issues I had and yet still working so hard to achieve his dreams and accomplishing something as big as making it on American Idol, really helped me to accept my situation and inspired me to not give up and keep trying to achieve my dreams.

So here I am today working hard to win Miss World Malta. The main thing I hope to achieve, should I win, is to be a role model to someone else in a similar way. I want to inspire people in difficult situations not to give up, show them that they can achieve anything in life if they put their mind to it and most important of all that they’re not alone.


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