2 Vegan-friendly Eateries in Mdina, Malta

Vegan eateries in Mdina, Malta

While most of Malta was becoming vegan-friendly, both the old and new capital cities were still “outdated”. Abroad you find that capital cities are the ones that start becoming vegan-friendly. However, it was not the case in Malta. Valletta is starting to become vegan-friendly and it seems that so is Mdina. Today I will be listing vegan-friendly eateries that I have tried in Mdina.

Coogi’s Restaurant

Although they have a vegan menu, in my opinion, their options are nothing special. It is similar to when you go to any restaurant ordering for example veg pizza with no cheese. The only difference is that you have no doubt that they know what vegan means. Apart from mains, they also offer vegan desserts. However, my sister and I agreed to burn the food we just ate by going for a walk before taking dessert.

Gustav’s Café & Bistro

Situated on the top floor or roof of the medieval Palazzo Falson, Gustav’s Café offer a variety of vegan cakes, both raw and baked. You can also order your hot drink with plant milk such as soy or rice. Maybe they are not well labelled but Gustav’s doesn’t yet offer savoury snack options, yet. Hopefully, they will have some as soon as life gets a bit normal again.

It’s a concise list, but I am hoping that when I revisit Malta next month, I will have more to share with you. 🤞🏻 In the meantime, I encourage you to suggest to me some great new vegan or vegan-friendly restaurants in Malta that I should try.

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