A Crystal Crazy Pupa

This morning I woke up early to be in time for my 9am appointment at Evans in Qormi, so that I try the new Pupa Milano Crazy Crystals Nail Art Kit.

Evans is in St Sebastian Street (Triq San Bastian) and being a main road, the search for a parking spot was not very easy. However I managed to find parking near the Qormi market and St Sebastian Church.

Once arrived in the outlet, I felt in a Pupa Milano heaven. Pupa Milano products were everywhere …

My appointment was with Marija from the all.things.lady blog. She presented Pupa Milano’s vast collection of nail products. I was tempted to buy a pack from every kit. However, since I already have a lot of unopened nail products at home, I have put everything in my wish list.

The brand new Lasting Color Gel nail polishes were also one of the products I was presented with. One top advantage on Gel nail polishes are that they last longer than the average Pupa Milano nail polish and they cost only about €6.00 each, if I am not mistaken. On one hand I am a bit scared of any product that lasts long as the more it lasts the more not-so-friendly preservatives and other chemicals it consists of, on the other I am dying to try them out.

After the presentation was over, Marija started applying the Crazy Crystals Nail Art Kit in Urban Red. While red is known to match with any tone of colour, this particular Urban Red is more of a warm tone red rather than a neutral red. The crystals tend to reflect into a golden red colour, as you can see in my not-so-sharp photo below.

To have a better understanding of the colour and effect see the official Pupa Milano photo below:

My opinion on this nail art kit…

  • I like the effect.
  • I wouldn’t recommend to wear it for work, it’s more something you wear on a chill-out day/night.
  • If you are like me, not that good in applying nail polish, the polish application “mistakes” can be easily hidden with the help of the microcrystals.
  • A good tip is that since no top coat is to be applied on the microcrystals, it is better to do your nails 1 hour before you go out to your chill-out event, wait for the suggested 15min drying time and give your hands a break from work.
    • I just added this tip for my next crazy crystals experience. Since I didn’t wait the 15min drying time and straight after I started doing housework :'(
  • This kit is also in my Pupa Milano nail kit wish list.

Below is a tutorial on how to apply this nail art kit.

More information and available shades of the Pupa Milano Crazy Crystals Nail Art kit can be found on the Pupa Milano website.

What about you? Have you tried this kit yet? Should we sell them on www.crueltyfreemalta.com? Which colour have you tried or wish to try? I am currently passing through a phase where I am not scared in trying any colour and the Fluo Yellow or Fluo Green currently look attractive, what do you think?

DISCLAIMER: I wasn’t paid or asked to do this review. In my reviews, even when items are given to me for free, I always list all pros and cons that I find no matter how close the company is to my heart. I confirm this unless stated otherwise on my review.


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