The Enchanted Secret of a Pupa Princess

It’s been weeks since I have discovered a secret, and now I cannot keep it any longer so I am going to say it… The Pupa Milano Princess Collection is enchanted! You don’t believe me? Then let me tell you the story of how I got to discover it.

It all started on December 4th, 2013, when I attended as one of the bloggers to the launch of the Pupa Princess collection in Malta. This launch took place in the evening at a small and cosy wine bar in Birkirkara called Sensations. During the event, wine, water and lots of platters were served.
As a cruelty-free ambassador, and to keep up with my vegetarian food challenge, I only chose and ate the vegetarian items …I hope… from the platters …mmm!
Let’s now forget the good food and go back to the story…
Stephanie from Pupa Milano in Malta, was explaining to us the concept behind the Pupa Princess collection. This collection was inspired from the catwalk colours and textures that were presented for Winter 2013 during the Milan Fashion Week (video below. Caution! Fur pieces were also presented for the Fashion Week, but luckily Pupa Milano didn’t use any real fur for their collection.)

Pupa Milano’s aim is to create a soft and natural look with a bit of sparkle, same as how we imagine a fairy tale princess to look. You could notice that Pupa Milano go into detail when they design the packaging for their products. For example, for the Pupa Milano Pupa Princess Limited Edition Collection they chose nude pink and gold colours for the packaging, to make it look pure, innocent and at the same time regal.

Stephanie also told us that before leaving we can all take one or more product home to try and also use. That’s where my dilemma and a slight of enchantment started. I wanted to at least take one of every product type like 1 lip gloss, 1 nail polish, 1 eye product, etc. However I then tried to break the spell by making myself reason and telling myself that it would be wiser to take something that I need and which I will definitely use. I have lots of nail polishes and lip glosses at home, some of which are opened and some of which are still sealed, so I banned myself from getting glosses or polishes, and therefore I was left with the choice among the eye products and the loose powder. My second reasoning was that since during that week I had a long weekend of work Christmas celebrations, one of which was the staff party, I should choose products which I would wear during those celebrations.

The power of the enchantment grew more when I saw the Pupa Princess Pupart palette. I don’t have a good eyeshadow palette at home, just some cheap unbranded eyeshadows which I bought when I was a teenager and which I am now trying to use up so that I start buying cruelty-free ones. However since it was on the Davinia’s (one of the beauty bloggers) Christmas wishlist I backed off. Luckily there was another palette, at first Sarah Jane (another beauty blogger) was going to take it and I was going to back off another time. However Sarah Jane was generous and let me take the second palette since she already has lots of palettes at home. I was happy and at the same feeling guilty for taking the second palette from Sarah Jane. I felt a bit cruel, so I asked her again if she was sure that I can take it and she said she was positive.

After the event I went home enchantingly happy with the Pupa Princess Pupart Palette, the Pupa Princess Loose Powder which is something I never had and which has a cute black bowed puff, and the Pupa Princess Diamond Eyeliner Glitter in Shiny Mauve.

I had already a Pupa Diamond Eyeliner Glitter from last year’s Pupa Milano Deco’ Christmas collection. The reason why I decided to pick one again, apart from the fact that I liked the one I own, is that the one I have had gold glitters and since the dress I was going to wear for the party was silverish, it would make sense to use a silver glitter eyeliner, so I picked the Shiny Mauve which consists of silver glitters.

The next day I was enchantingly excited, on one hand because the work Christmas celebrations were starting that evening, and on the other hand because I was going to try the products I got from the Pupa Milano Christmas Collection launch!!! ^^,

Now I get to the part where the real enchantment happened. During the celebrations I noticed that the guys I was near to were acting gentlemen-like to me, and by gentlemen I am not referring to the guys that visit strip clubs. What I mean is that during the activities, some protected me from the cold air by giving me their blazer, one helped me wear my coat, and some even stood up and offered me to sit in their place.

I have never or maybe it was very rare that I encountered with a similar courtesy from men. Started wondering why this behaviour, which made me feel special, was happening.

After weeks of thought, research and testing, I understood that the Pupa Princess products products were enchanted and that it triggered men to act in a polite manner. Also, I suspect that Pupa Milano know that this collection is enchanted as in their blog post they mentioned the things I felt during the enchantment feel special, loved, spoiled and, of course, elegant and sophisticated

Do you believe me now?

Still no? Buy the Pupa Princess products especially the ones I picked and see for yourself. Then comment and let me know whether or not you still don’t believe me.

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DISCLAIMER: The products mentioned in this post were given to me for free to try them out. I wasn’t paid, forced or asked by anyone to do this post. 

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