Review: Shanteo Tea Boutique in Malta

I love tea! Although most of the time I prefer taking latte macchiato at work as my “breakfast” and take herbal teas for the rest of the day, I love collecting teas. I still have a lot of teas which I didn’t open and I won’t allow myself to buy a new one before I get rid of the tea bags.

When abroad, if I spot a tea shop, I tend to visit it. Even if I rarely buy anything cause of my temporary tea-buying-ban. Seeing people interested in teas at my friends shops like Soap Cafe’ in Sliema and Shanti in Mosta, made me wonder how we don’t have a tea shop like abroad, till I found out that I was wrong about not having a tea shop in Malta.

About two weeks ago I went to help my friend Sarah from Blends of Nature with her stall at the GX-1 Open Weekend at Le Meridien Hotel. The stall area was warm and I was getting very thirsty. Since I forgot to bring lunch or a bottle of water with me and I didn’t know whether there was a shop near the hotel where I can get a bottle of water at an affordable price, I decided to go and buy it from the hotel bar even if it costs €5 per litre.

On my way to the bar, the shop window of a boutique got my attention. It had some kitchenware. Since I thought it was one of those expensive boutiques you find in hotels, I decided to stay out and just look at the items in the window. However, I was approached and was offered some tea by one of the ladies in the shop, whom later I got to know that her name is Svetlana, a tea expert. Gladly, I accepted, one because I was thirsty and two because I like tasting new teas. I followed Svetlana inside the shop and tasted the freshly brewed teas that were on display. Suddenly, I realised that I was in a tea boutique, the kind I wished to find in Malta.

While tasting the teas, I enjoyed talking to Svetlana about the tea that I tasted and the benefits of each herb it consists of. I was already filling up my tea wishlist in my head. I also spent time going around the shop, it was heaven! Seemed like my wish of having a tea boutique in Malta came true.

There was also a small selection of high quality chocolate. Tea and chocolate, my favourite combination and I seem not to be the only one liking that combination as there was tea flavored chocolates!

Since I felt bad going out empty handed, I decided to buy at least a tea strainer as using my own teapot whenever I felt like tea, sometimes it caused problems at home. At first I was going to buy the box of 100 sheets which I thought I could use as tea bags. However, Svetlana suggested a tea basket. She pointed out that with this basket, which costs around the same as the box of 100 sheets, I am not limited to 100 times of tea brewing and this tea basket is made to fit every mug diameter. It was convincing enough and so I bought it.

I had forgotten to buy the bottle of water from the bar, as I wasn’t feeling thirsty anymore. Went straight back to the stall happy with my purchase and a sample of the Shanteo Baker Street tea.

So my rating of the tea boutique:

The Boutique: 4/5

  • Since its not in a location I would visit regularly, I reduced 1 from 5. However Svetlana said that Arkadia in St Julians stocks their teas, so I have to check it when I find some time.

The Staff: 5/5

  • Svetlana and her colleague Daria are very friendly.
  • Also Svetlana has a deep knowledge of the products she was selling.

The Product: 5/5

  • I’ve used the tea basket and I am happy with the purchase.

The Price: 5/5

  • Their products are in the same price range as tea shops abroad. If you happen to find the same tea for much cheaper, most probably it won’t be as pure.


DISCLAIMER: I paid for the product mentioned in this post. I wasn’t paid, forced or asked by anyone to do this post.

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