Event: Introducing MUD at Roseberry

Thanks to Mariel from Confessions of a former size 6, last Thursday, I attended the MUD Playground at Roseberry event. It was an introduction event to a newly imported make-up brand in Malta called Make-up Designory (MUD in short) organised by Roseberry and Ms Elizaveta Kudryashova, make-up artist and director of Make-Up Designory Europe in Ljubliana, for beauty bloggers and make-up artists.

When arriving at the venue, since I haven’t seen any bloggers at Roseberry yet, I waited outside until I see any blogger whom I know approaching. A few minutes later, Lara from Every Beauty Addict’s Bible and Marija from Pocalocca arrived and we agreed to go in.

We were welcomed with a drink, nibbles and the highlight of the day a small resealable cosmetics bag containing two MUD make-up items and a Roseberry loyalty card which we could use that night for a 20% discount.

While waiting for the rest of the attendees to arrive, we went around the room to check the products and take pictures. My first question to Kida, one of the make-up artists at Roseberry was obviously whether MUD is cruelty-free and, guess what, it is cruelty-free! Kida continued by saying that all the brands they import are cruelty-free, except for some of the brands they get from other Maltese suppliers. However, the fact that Roseberry bringing only cruelty-free brands on the island, is a plus for me.

Ms Elizaveta Kudryashova who introduced herself as Liza and a fashion make-up artist, gave us an introduction together with the historical background of how and why MUD was created, and a walk-through of every MUD product which is essential for fashion make-up artists.

As you might have listened in the video above, MUD originally started only as a make-up artist school. The products were created, only for school usage, during a span of 10 years to meet the needs of their students. Seeing that their past students depended on their school products, MUD realised the market gap and decided that it’s about time they offer the 10 year range of products also to established make-up artists, and that’s how MUD started selling professional make-up for any type of make-up artistry (fashion, effects, tv, photography, airbrush, etc).

MUD products consist of default shades for every make-up product type which you can mix and match to get the desired shade. For a make-up artist this is an advantage as the less make-up to carry the better. Another advantage about MUD is that you don’t need a lot of product for example for concealer, a tiny drop is needed for the whole face. Therefore a product will last for years until it finishes.

Their mascaras are also made to last years as they are packaged in a squeezable tube so that you squeeze the air out before putting the brush back in.

It is always interesting to know some tips and tricks of make-up application coming from a qualified and experienced make-up artists. I had taken a basic course in make-up once and I always think I should take the next step and become a qualified make-up artist. However I don’t know which make-up school in Malta offer make-up courses which includes cruelty-free professional make-up kit. Hopefully soon, MUD will start offering their courses in Malta and I will finally decide to enroll and start building my cruelty-free MUD professional make-up kit.

My MUD Goodie Bag consisted of a resealable make-up travel bag, lipgloss, eyeshadow and the Roseberry Loyalty Card
My MUD Goodie Bag consisted of a resealable make-up travel bag, lipgloss, eyeshadow and the Roseberry Loyalty Card.

I would like to thank the staff at Roseberry and Ms Elizaveta Kudryashova for inviting me and other Maltese bloggers to the event. I hope we will meet again soon 🙂


DISCLAIMER: I wasn’t paid to do this post. I confirm this unless stated otherwise on my post.


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