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puroBio Cosmetics in Malta

I haven’t done much beauty posts for a while. These last few weeks, I diverted into posts about vegetarian or vegan food. So let me get back on track today. During my last visit to Malta, I made sure to keep the promise I made to Sonia of visiting her shop Ħames Sensi, the newly opened health shop in Fgura. There I had the opportunity to check out and swatch the new cruelty-free make-up products in Malta from puroBio Cosmetics.

Considering that it’s also vegan, natural and organic, I expected the price to be over €10 an item. However to my surprise there were lots of products lower than €10. Then I thought of checking the ingredients as from experience if a natural make-up product costs less than €10, it’s because it has talc added. However the puroBio Cosmetics powder products I checked didn’t contain talc. So until I discover a new ingredient which I wasn’t aware of and which makes a product not fully natural, I can confirm that puroBio Cosmetics is the second natural make-up brand I’ve found in Malta.

Check out the swatches in the album below:

To my surprise, the shades that I swatched were highly pigmented. I wanted to buy something from puroBio Cosmetics and the lip pencils were calling me as the shades reminded me of Kylie Jenner’s first lip kit shades and I am really looking forward to start collecting nudish matt lip shades. However since I have lots of lip products to get rid of before buying more, I promised myself to buy one during my next visit.

If you wish to get to know more about puroBio Cosmetici, check out their free make-up session happening this Saturday!

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