#MeatFreeMonday | Puy Lentils as Mince Substitute

Le Puy Green Lentils

It’s #MeatFreeMonday again, and today I will be sharing a step by step slideshow of how I prepare Puy Lentils.

In one of her recipes, Mouthwatering Vegan suggested to use Puy Lentils instead of the usual mince substitute. Although I am not a fan of lentils, I still thought of giving it a try as in my opinion lentils are healthier and cleaner than the processed meat substitute. In some recipes I don’t mind them, in others I try mince the cooked lentils in a blender so that I don’t feel them as it’s mostly their texture that puts me off.

Since I always Google on how to prepare these lentils, I thought of documenting the steps for my next time and for you if you like to give Puy Lentils a try.

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Have you tried using Puy Lentils as a meat alternative? Which other meat alternatives have you tried?

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