Essence Cosmetics Vegan List – Autumn/Winter 2016

Essence Cosmetics Vegan

UPDATE: A new list of Essence Vegan Makeup is now available!

After positive feedback from similar posts, I’ve decided to publish a list more often. Below please find the new Autumn Winter 2016 essence cosmetics vegan products. This time I’ve included a pictures of the packaging to make your shopping easier. Lastly, the products that weren’t available in the Malta essence cosmetics website are marked with an asterisks (*) .

essence Cosmetics Vegan Face Products

essence Cosmetics get picture ready! long-lasting compact make-upessence get picture ready! long-lasting compact make-up

#nofilter! the new compact make-up provides an instantly flawless and even finish. thanks to the integrated sponge and mirror, the cream to powder texture can easily be applied and blended when you’re on the go.

essence cosmetics get picture ready! pore refining mattifying primeressence get picture ready! pore refining mattifying primer*

ready, steady, go! the smooth consistency of the primer ensures a matt complexion and has a visibly pore-refining effect. enriched with vitamin e, provitamin b5 and hyaluronic acid, the texture provides the skin with moisture and evens out fine lines. transparent upon application.

essence camouflage 2in1 powder & make-upessence camouflage 2in1 powder & make-up

team player! this practical combination product offers the coverage of a make-up and the lightness of a powder. it balances skin imperfections and softly mattifies the complexion.

essence get picture ready! pore refining powder*

essence get picture ready! pore refining powderpicture perfect. the fine powder remains invisible on the skin and visibly refines the pores for a flawless matt finish. the light rosé colour perfectly adapts to the individual skin tone – without affecting the colour of the make-up!

essence get picture ready! contouring palette*

essence get picture ready! contouring palettecontouring trio! the three soft powder textures make contouring the facial features easier than ever! the light shade accentuates the high points of the face, the light brown shade adds definition and the dark brown shade creates shadows.

essence satin touch blushessence satin touch blush

blush addicted! the silky-soft powder blush instantly provides the cheeks with fresh colour reflections in rosewood, coral or a bronzer shade – all with a light pearl effect.

essence matt touch blush

essence matt touch blush 30coloured cheeks! the matt touch blush with a soft powder texture creates a matt finish on your cheeks gives your complexion a fresh touch of colour for a healthy look.

essence light up your face luminizer palette

strobing star. applied individually or in combination on the cheekbones, essence light up your face luminizer palettebridge of the nose or below the lips, these three highlighter powders with light-reflecting pigments accentuate the features with a light pearl, intensive shimmer or golden glow finish.

essence strobing highlighter 10essence strobing highlighter

illuminate! set shimmering accents on targeted areas of the face or all over with the new highlighter for a healthy, natural-looking glow.

essence Cosmetics Vegan Lip Products

essence colour & care lipstick 01 - 08essence colour & care lipstick 01 – 08

care for! this new lipstick unites intensive colour and care. the texture contains avocado butter and leaves behind a beautiful, creamy finish in shades like apricot, rosewood or berry. comes in a stylo packaging.

essence matt matt matt lipstick 01 - 08essence matt matt matt lipstick 01 – 08

matt matters! the light, creamy texture of the new lipstick range unites a high colour-dispersion with a matt finish.

essence balmy kiss moisturizing lip care 01 – 04

essence balmy kiss moisturizing lip care 01 - 04kiss & care everywhere! the gentle lipbalm contains pampering almond oil to ensure wonderfully soft lips with a touch of colour.

essence smoothing lip peeling 01*

essence smoothing lip peeling 01feeling soft. enriched with argan oil, the peeling gently removes rough skin and nourishes the lips to make them feel nice and smooth.

essence perfect kiss lip primer 01essence perfect kiss lip primer 01*

ready for lipstick! the primer with aloe vera provides a perfect basis for lipstick. it has a colour-enhancing effect and prevents lipstick and lipgloss from feathering and bleeding.

essence invisible kiss transparent lipliner 01*

essence invisible kiss transparent lipliner 01invisible visible. the lip liner defines the contours of the lips and prevents lipstick from feathering or bleeding. thanks to its transparent texture, it works with any shade of lipstick or lipgloss!

essence longlasting lipstick 25 – 28

essence longlasting lipstick 25 - 28longlasting love… you simply have to fall in love with the longlasting lipsticks by essence. the lipsticks provide your lips with intensive color for several hours without drying them out. you’re sure to find whatever you’re looking for – from bright pink to intensive red and chilled-out berry to subtle nude shades. the essence logo on the texture and the matt, black packaging with a ring of color to match the actual color of the lipstick are true eye-catchers!

essence volume on! plumping lipgloss 01, 03

essence volume on! plumping lipgloss 01, 03

plump up! menthol ingredients give this new lipgloss a visible volume effect, and the featherlight formula can also be applied as a topcoat on top of any lipstick.

essence 2in1 matt lipstick & liner 01 - 05essence 2in1 matt lipstick & liner 01 – 05

matt duet. lipstick and liner in one – now also available with a matt finish! for defined lip contours and rich colour.

essence Cosmetics Vegan Nail Products

essence the gel nail polish 72 – 87

essence the gel nail polishlong-lasting love! the next generation of essence nail polishes is here! the special nail polish formula provides nails with an incredibly long-lasting manicure and an amazing gel shine. the innovative colour technology offers intensive colour combined with perfect coverage.

essence secret stories nail polishessence secret stories nail polish 01 – 07*

pssst top secret! the nail polishes with a glossy finish are inspired by dark berry shades and each bottle hides a little secret!

essence clean & start nail cleanseressence clean & start nail cleanser

at first! the cleanser removes excess oil and residual dust – for a longer-lasting manicure, apply on the natural nail and leave to dry before applying a base coat or nail polish.

essence colour fresh up + repair top coat*essence colour fresh up + repair top coat

secret weapon. applied over moist nail polish, this top coat repairs small mistakes like scratches and smudges without having to reapply the nail polish. in addition, it refreshes the colour of nail polish after several days of wear.

essence mega last base coatessence mega last base coat

mega manicure! the base coat improves the durability of nail polish for a longer-lasting colour manicure. it also protects the natural nail from discoloration.

essence rock'n metal base coatessence rock’n metal base coat 01*

metal & jelly! applied underneath jelly nail polish, the metallic base coat subtly shines through to create a cool new style.

essence jewelry top coatessence jewelry top coat 33

dazzle nails. with its gold and silver shimmer particles, this top coat turns any nail polish into a true treasure!

essence sos nail detox

essence sos nail detoxdetox de luxe – for the nails! the water based polish is infused with algae extract and vitamin B5 that actively support the natural moisture content of the nails. a time-out for the nails – ideal as a welcome break between two colour manicures.

essence sos power repair

essence sos power repairemergency call! this regenerating nail polish visibly improves the nail structure within a remarkably short time. the formula is enriched with a triple care complex of argan oil, avocado oil and macadamia oil to encourage a healthy-looking nail surface.

essence nail hardening base

essence nail hardening baseevery girl dreams of strong nails and a long-lasting manicure! here comes the secret weapon – for both! the nail hardening base is a glossy base coat that strengthens your nails. it offers protection from discolouration, evens out irregularities and also ensures perfect, long-lasting nail polish results.

essence growth boosting dropsessence growth boosting drops

nail push. enriched with d panthenol and glycerin, just one drop a day of this treatment is enough to strengthen the nails and improve nail growth.

essence nail caring oil

essence nail caring oilnails like you’ve just returned from getting a manicure: the nail caring oil pampers your nails with rich ingredients and leaves behind a subtle apricot scent. gently massaging the nail oil into your nail bed also promotes nail growth.

essence nail repairing oil

essence nail repairing oilperfectly pampered. the nail repairing oil is enriched with almond oil and valuable argan oil to offer intensive, nourishing care for your cuticles. at the same time, the oil promotes natural nail growth. thanks to the practical flock applicator, it’s super easy to apply.

essence anti-split nail sealer

essence anti-split nail sealerchipped, brittle nails? banished from now on! the fast-drying anti-split nail sealer is the first stop when you’re looking for effective protection for brittle nails. it can be used on its own or as a base coat and protects your nails right to the tips. for gorgeous nails all-round.

essence XXL nail thickener

essence xxl nail thickenera gel finish without visiting a nail salon – the XXL thickener makes it possible. the fast-drying base coat hardens your nails with its special acrylic formula. the results: instantly and visibly stronger nails with a great finish. it also optimizes the durability and shine of colour nail polish.

essence green power strengthener

essence green power strengthenernail shield! the formula has been specially developed to meet the needs of soft, brittle nails and contains 80% organically-derived ingredients including pistachios, which strengthen the surface of the nails. the green power strengthener acts like a protective shield.

essence ultra strong nail hardener

essence ultra strong nail hardenersuper resistance – here we go! the ultra strong nail hardener strengthens and hardens brittle nails. the fast-drying nail polish is so full of power that there are a few things to take note of: it contains formaldehyde, so it’s important to massage some oil or fat into your cuticles. use for a maximum of three weeks. always apply for two days and then take a break for one day.

essence all in ONE complete care

essence all in ONE complete caremultitalented! the all in one complete care is a true all-rounder. as a base coat, it prepares your nails for a color manicure and fills small ridges. the special formula with grape seed oil can also be used as a top coat with a high-shine finish to guarantee long-lasting color.

essence ultra gloss nail shine

essence studio nails ultra gloss nail shinelet it shine… the ultra gloss nail shine gives your nails an ultra glossy finish and enhances the durability of the nail polish applied underneath. a glossy top coat for every nail polish colour.

essence better than gel nails top sealer high gloss

essence better than gel nails top sealer high glossthe final step can also be done with the top sealer high gloss! the ultimate sealer for perfect nails with a gel-look. with a special studio-formula to seal the layers of nail polish and provide a high-shine gel finish.

essence pro white active

essence pro white activebright nails – are easy to achieve with the pro white active nail whitener. the formula is enriched with lemon extract to offer a natural anti-yellowing effect. its slightly purple texture visibly lightens and used as a base coat, it protects the nails from discoloration – especially when applying dark polishes.

essence fast cuticle remover

essence fast cuticle removerfast, faster, fastest cuticle remover! this gel removes cuticles in a matter of seconds. required time of exposure? 15 seconds and your cuticles are softened. the integrated cuticle pusher makes removing overhanging cuticles even easier. it doesn’t get any faster than this…

essence french manicure tip painter 01

essence french manicure tip painterthe fine applicator brush helps you apply white to your nail tips accurately for a perfect french manicure look. it is not necessary to apply the white tip painter more than once as it provides excellent coverage.

essence Cosmetics Vegan Eye Products

essence contouring eyeshadow setessence contouring eyeshadow set 01 – 03

contour the eyes! the eyeshadow duo offers two perfectly aligned shades for contouring the eyes. easier than ever thanks to the step-by-step instructions!

essence make me brow jumbo eyebrow pencil 10 – 20*

essence make me brow jumbo eyebrow pencilJUMBrOws. the xl eyebrow pencil with a long-lasting, matt texture creates natural-looking and expressive statement brows.

essence bloggers’ beauty secrets the glow must go on bronzing and highlighting palette 04*

essence bloggers' beauty secrets the glow must go on bronzing and highlighting paletteshine bright! the “the glow must go on” palette ensures a radiant complexion for all! three different bronzers in warm shades can be used individually or in combination to create a fresh glow, while the two eyeshadows offer eye make-up styles with a glam factor. the highlighter emphasizes the best facial features and can easily be applied and blended with the mini-brush – just like the bronzer.

essence the false lashes mascara extreme volume & curlessence the false lashes mascara extreme volume & curl

extra volume, extra curl. the curl fiber brush ensures maximum volume and curved lashes with a false lash look.

essence the false lashes mascara dramatic volume unlimitedessence the false lashes mascara dramatic volume unlimited

no limits! the deep black texture and the conic shape of the fiber brush creates dramatic volume for a gorgeous false lash effect.

essence get picture ready! eyeshadow palette 10*

essence get picture ready! eyeshadow palette#selfietime. the new eyeshadow palette ensures a “picture ready” look any time and any place with seven perfectly aligned nude nuances with a matt, slightly shimmering or metallic finish.

essence eye make-up remover pads*

essence eye make-up remover padseasy off! soft pads soaked in make-up remover ensure the quick and easy removal of long-lasting and waterproof make-up.

essence make me brow powder penessence make me brow powder pen 10 – 20

fill-in! the delicate powder pigments of the eyebrow pen fill in small gaps and define the brows. easy to apply thanks to the soft sponge applicator.

essence eye contouring pencil 01 – 02

essence eye contouring pencilwell-defined. it’s easy to contour the eyes with the two ends of this super versatile eye pencil, which can be used as a liner, eyeshadow or highlighter.

essence the metals eyeshadow 01 – 09

essence the metals eyeshadowme and metal! nine colours including extremely dark green, rosé-gold and silver give the eyes an awesome sparkle with a metallic shimmer. applied moist, the colour is even more intense.

essence rock’n’doll crazy XXXL volume mascara

essence rock'n'doll crazy XXXL volume mascaralashes to rock! the specially shaped asymmetric brush with shorter and longer fibers covers each individual lash to ensure xl volume!

essence extreme lasting eye pencil 01 – 06

essence extreme lasting eye pencilstays on! the silky, soft texture of the eye pencil is waterproof, ultra long-lasting and offers a strong colour-dispersion.

essence super precise eyeliner

essence super precise eyelinerprecision work. the eyeliner with an extremely fine brush applicator is ideal for tracing accurate lines as well as creating broad eyeliner designs! deep black, long-lasting, waterproof – for wow-eyes!

essence make me brow duo eyebrow powder 01

essence make me brow duo eyebrow powderbrow-maker. create the perfect colour by mixing and matching the two brown shades. the soft texture fills in any small gaps and emphasizes the brows.


DISCLAIMER: I wasn’t paid or asked by Essence Cosmetics to publish this list.

UPDATE: A new list of Essence Vegan Makeup is now available!


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