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Wardrobe Essentials Women Denim

I consider myself being more of a beauty blogger rather than a fashion blogger. After seeing a demand for fashion posts, I have agreed to take on the challenge and start posting fashion posts. Being still new to fashion, writing fashion posts doesn’t come that naturally yet. Every week I don’t know what to write about. I did write some fashion posts earlier. So I thought of starting with something easy like wardrobe essentials posts. All I need to do is skim through my small wardrobe and write about something that I nearly always wear. For today I have started with women denim.

I don’t know if it is something Maltese but most of the time we, or rather I, tend to refer to denim as jeans. Jeans is the style of denim pants. Since it’s cotton, denim should be vegan unless a wise-person decides to add animal-derived ingredients in the mix.

Another thing about this popular fabric which you might want to know is that originally, denim was produced for workers such as miners and farmers.  The reason behind the invention of denim was that these workers needed durable clothing. By time denim became an ongoing fashion trend.

I nearly always wear denim, most of the time as jeans. Till now I have always bought my denim jeans from New Look as they offer a range of jeans by length. That saves me from an extra €5 for alterations. However, recently I have included sleeveless denim dress which I have bought from Kiabi, denim jacket and during this summer’s sale I’ve bought a denim shirt from Terranova, both of which I will be wearing as soon as the weather gets colder.

I had also denim shorts but they fit too tight nowadays. My plan is to look for a decent pair of denim shorts and a long sleeved denim shirt dress. Since currently there is the ripped-jeans trend, finding my favourite pair of denim seems not to be possible.

What about you? Do you see denim as one of the wardrobe essentials?

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