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Wardrobe Essentials Women Boots

Every time I am about to write my next fashion post I start experiencing writer’s block. I wouldn’t know what to write about. Today, thanks to the dull weather outside, I have found another wardrobe essential post to write about. October weather in Germany is cold and rainy so I made sure that my boots are out. This is why I have decided to write about women boots today.

I currently own 3 pairs of vegan-leather women boots. First one has short stiletto heels which I bought from Malta, not sure from which shop. The second one with a  thicker heel, which was recently given to me by my aunt. Since my boyfriend is taller than me, I sometimes feel like a little girl next to him. Therefore I was considering to buy comfortable high heel boots for winter. However, I was lucky that my aunt saved me from looking for one. The third one I have bought from Germany. This is the boots I use the most mainly because it’s flat so it’s much easier to walk with. I wouldn’t know whether the glue used in my current boots is vegan. However, I make sure that the leather is not real.

Boots are probably the only type of winter shoes that I own. What I like about boots is that they keep my feet warm. For Germany’s cold weather, I have added winter thermal insoles to make them even warmer. You might ask why boots and not sneakers or other closed shoes, they also keep feet warm. The reason is that boots also protect my feet, socks and part of my legs from the rainwater. With other shoes, it’s easy for water to go inside my shoes from the top, especially when there are puddles or streams of rainwater like the ones I find a lot of in Malta, due to uneven streets.

Are boots the only type of winter shoes that you own?


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