What You Need to Know About JUFA Hotel Grünau

JUFA Hotel Grünau

While I was staying in Malta, I realised that over half of the year has passed. I have also realised that I hadn’t yet found the time to go on a holiday. Although I briefly moved to Malta during the Summer, I didn’t really consider it as a holiday. The reason being that I consider Malta and my German home in Offenburg as home. A holiday for me would be somewhere away from my two homes and among mountains. That is one of the reasons why my boyfriend and I decided to visit Grünau im Almtal. The other reason is that we have found an affordable hotel with the scenery that I was looking for.  We had booked a half-board accommodation at the 3 star JUFA Hotel Grünau at Grünau im Almtal.

The hotel was remote from the village. Trees, mountains and also a river surrounded the JUFA Hotel Grünau. The ideal scenery for me together with peace and quiet to help me relax. The vegan options offered for breakfast and dinner were also a big plus. Dairy-free milk, vegan butter, fresh fruits, muesli and a selection of organic herbal teas were some of the vegan options offered for breakfast. Dinner had always a veg option.

Last Saturday we started our trip to #GrünauImAlmtal #Austria. We had booked 3 nights at the #veganfriendly #JufaHotel #Almtal. The hotel was surrounded by nature. You could see #mountains and #forests on every side of the hotel. This is the view we saw every morning during breakfast. Yesterday we had to say goodbye to this view as it was time to drive back home. It was a fun, relaxing and interesting long weekend. Can't wait for the next one! TAGS: #beautifuldestinations #passionpassport #Österreich #allaroundtheworld #mytravel #travelpic #globetrotter #travelguru #placestovisit #travelinspiration #travelphotoblog #travelpics #dreamspots #exquisiteearth #Salzkammergut #traveltheworld #travelawesome #travellife #wonderful_places #discoverglobe #worldplaces #sightseeing #travelphotography

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There was this one time where we were one of the few guests staying for dinner at the hotel, so the chef decided to change the dinner to a la carte instead of a buffet. When the receptionist read out the options offered in the morning, there was no veg option. So I have asked what vegetarian or vegan options do they have. The reception told me that he will check with the chef. In the evening went we went down for dinner, I saw “Veganer Gemüsestrudel” in the menu. I appreciated that the chef didn’t stop at offering a vegetarian option but went further and offered a vegan option. This made my stay at the JUFA Hotel Grünau even more pleasant.

Currently we are visiting austria for a long weekend #holiday, since Tuesday is a public holiday in Germany. We are staying at the Jufa Hotel at #GrünauImAlmtal. After booking our stay in this #hotel I was glad to read that they offer also #vegetarian and #vegan options, especially since we have booked it half-board. Yesterday, since we were one of the few guests who booked half-board, the hotel offered dinner as a la carte instead of buffet. The draft menu in the morning didn't contain any #veg option so I have asked for a #meatfree option. In the evening, after our sightseeing was done, we went back to the hotel. I was happy to see Veganer Gemüsestrudel listed in the menu. Thank you hotel Chef for the big effort for creating a #delicious vegan option! Have you ever been in a hotel during your travels, where it offered vegan options? This was my first time and I am very happy to have found it. 😊 Tags: #veganlife #veganfoodshare #veggie #veganism #plantbased #crueltyfree #yummy #goodfood #foodshare #foodie #veganized #veggiefood #travel #travelling #vacation #visiting #traveler #trip #tourism #tourist #traveling #vegantravel

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Since we stayed at least 3 nights at the hotel, we were entitled to a free Salzkammergut Erlebnis-Card which gives us some discounts at selected tourist places in Salzkammergut region.

A post about places to visit around Grünau im Almtal will follow next week.

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