16 Vegan Products You Didn’t Know About At Lidl Malta

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I had already completed nearly half of my conversion to veganism when I was told that we were going to spend the Summer in Malta. My only worry about the move was whether I would be able to find vegan products in Malta. Unlike how Malta was when I had left it in February last year, all Maltese supermarkets that I went to were stocked up with vegan products. However, I limited myself to Lidl as it was the closest and affordable shop plus I had already got used to its assortment while I was living in Germany.

During my 4 Summer months in Malta, I have found and tried the following vegan products from Lidl.

Io Veg

Cheese Alternatives

  • Io Veg Fette Vegane Original

Granarolo 100% Vegetale

Soy Yogurts

  • Granarolo 100% Vegetale – Pesca e Albicocca
  • Granarolo 100% Vegetale – Frutti di Bosco
  • Granarolo 100% Vegetale – Cereali
  • Granarolo 100% Vegetale – Ananas
  • Granarolo 100% Vegetale – Fragola

Soy Ice Cream

  • Granarolo 100% Vegetale – Gelato Caccao

Milk Alternatives

  • Granarolo 100% Vegetale – Cocco

My Best Veggie

Soy Ice Cream

  • My Best Veggie Coni Gelato
  • My Best Veggie Biscotto Gelato


  • My Best Veggie Medaglioni alle Verdure Grigliate
  • My Best Veggie Medaglioni ai Legumi
  • My Best Veggie Medaglioni con Pesto Mediterraneo


  • My Best Veggie Bio Organic Sugo alla Carbonara con Seitan


  • My Best Veggie Bio Organic Triangolini di Mais

Vegan Island

Cheese Spread Alternative

  • Vegan Island Dairy Free Spread with Spring Onion & Cracked Black Pepper

Which vegan products have you tried from Lidl and which ones you like or dislike?

DISCLAIMER: This is not a sponsored posts. I had bought all the items mentioned were bought at selling price.


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