I Have Discovered A New Way To Wear A Polo Neck

Polo Neck Wardrobe Essentials for Women

For these last 2 years, Victoria Beckham has been one of my fashion inspiration. I have been looking for and buying blouses, pleated skirts and wide leg trousers to match her style. Unfortunately, in Germany, it gets cold fast so I won’t be able to wear these clothes for long. So I was going through Victoria Beckham’s feed to find inspiration for Winter. This week Victoria Beckham seems to have given me the answer that I was looking for. For the Paris Fashion Week for Men, Victoria Beckham wore shirts with a polo neck underneath her shirts.

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victoria beckham at gare du nord station

I wasn’t a fan of wearing polo necks until Victoria Beckham inspired me. Usually, I wear t-shirts underneath shirts and blouses. However, it didn’t cross my mind to try wearing a polo neck instead.

Since there’s the sale right now, it’s on my shopping list to stock up on some polo necks. I might consider to also buying them in organic cotton instead of the usual cotton, as they will have direct contact with my skin.

What do you think of this discovery? Would you wear polo necks underneath shirts? Have I discovered something that was already a trend?



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