Handmade Naturals Rose & Shea Eye Cream Review

Handmade Naturals Rose & Shea Eye Cream

I have loved Handmade Naturals’ face creams for a long time now, that I have decided to try their eye creams. Before leaving Malta, last Summer, I have made sure to buy the Handmade Naturals Rose & Shea Eye Cream.

The Handmade Naturals Rose & Shea Eye Cream can be bought from the Malta-based online shop blendsofnature.net.

Why I like the Handmade Naturals Rose & Shea Eye Cream

As mentioned in the Handmade Naturals Face Creams Review:

  • Not only cruelty-free but also natural
    Six years ago I have not only started a cruelty-free lifestyle but also tried as much as I could to buy natural. I do have a mix of natural and synthetic products in my collection. However, whenever I can I switch to all natural. It’s not easy also cause many products claim to be natural when only a tiny percent of the ingredients mentioned are really natural. Handmade Naturals are my ideal example of natural products. Take a look at their list of ingredients. It is very short and while reading it, you can understand what’s inside.
  • Vegan
    Handmade Naturals have recently announced that their products are all vegan except for their lip balms. This is a plus for me as I can keep on using them now that I have started a fully vegan lifestyle. Also, I find many times that vegan products are not natural. Like you find a vegan-friendly mascara with synthetic beeswax. With Handmade Naturals, it doesn’t seem to be like that. They kept using all natural and plant-based ingredients.
  • Comes with a pump airless dispenser
    This is a great feature for hygienic purposes. This way cream in the dispenser lasts longer. Also, the cream doesn’t get contamination by air or any dirty fingers.
  • You only need a tiny amount
    This eye cream lasts you a whole season if not a year since for every application you don’t need much.

What I don’t like the Handmade Naturals Rose & Shea Eye Cream

  • The type of pump dispenser
    I like to use a product until the last drop. I can’t seem to find a way to open the pump dispenser to make sure that I have used till the last drop.

Will I rebuy the Handmade Naturals Rose & Shea Eye Cream

While Handmade Natural’s face creams are my most favourite cruelty-free face creams, I can’t say the same about this eye cream or any other cruelty-free eye cream that I have found. I will rebuy this product because it’s the most natural that I have tried till now.

Which cruelty-free eye cream or eye gel is your favourite?

Handmade Naturals Rose & Shea Eye Cream Demo Video Transcript

Hello cruelty-free friends!

This is Fiona and today I am going to be doing a demo of the Handmade Naturals Rose & Shea Eye Cream.

Handmade Naturals is a certified cruelty-free brand.

Their products are also natural and vegan.

The Handmade Naturals Rose & Shea Eye Cream is meant to help delay skin ageing, calm eye irritations, and soften and soothe the skin.

You only need a tiny amount to apply it.

Tap it with your ring finger around the eye area.


That’s all for today!

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