Firmoo Glasses Review

Firmoo Glasses Review

Two weeks ago I had ordered my first glasses from Firmoo. Unfortunately, I didn’t qualify for their free glasses offer as I wanted Photochromic lenses and not basic lens. However, I still want to write my Firmoo glasses review as I do reviews also of products or services that I pay for.

I remember buying my first glasses from Malta at €80. It was just a simple unbranded frame and had just normal vision lenses with anti-reflective coating. In a few months, the frame had already scratched. Two years later I had discovered Zenni Optical where I bought my next glasses which needed to have a stronger lens for the night. These were about €20.

Stainless Steel Half-Rim Frame (737717) which I had bought from Zenni Optical
Stainless Steel Half-Rim Frame (737717) which I had bought from Zenni Optical

In Germany, I got a free vision test and was offered vision sunglasses at less than €20, so I accepted. However, they weren’t practical all the time as I had to remove them when there was shade. Two years later, I did the free vision test again in Germany and wanted to order Photochromic lenses. However, at the German optician, they were going to cost me about €120.

I wasn’t ready to spend that much and wasn’t expecting it to be that “expensive” since I had bought vision glasses at one-sixth of that price from the same optician. So I have considered checking Zenni Optical again. I had also remembered that some bloggers were promoting Firmoo.

At Firmoo I could find glasses with Photochromic lenses at around €53, which is around half the German optician price. So a week after ordering my glasses from Firmoo, I received and unpacked my glasses. It was nice of them to add also a soft case, keychain screwdriver, some extra screws and 5 coupon code cards: d4a2b which will expire on the 30th March, additional to the usual hard case and wipe.

Cat-eye plastic frame glasses (DBSN62358A) which I bought from Firmoo
Cat-eye plastic frame glasses (DBSN62358A) which I bought from Firmoo

What I like about Firmoo

  • Price is half of what I would have spent from a brick and mortar optician.
  • A large variety of fashionable glasses. I wasn’t sure which one to choose and which one will suit me, so I risked it by buying the most affordable cat-eye glasses.
  • Extra screws and screwdriver.  It’s the first time that I received these by default from an optician. I think this should be the default at every optician as it’s not the first time that I lose glasses screws and can’t find a screw that fits.
  • Delivery time is a week, around the same duration as to when buying from a brick and mortar optician.

What I don’t like about Firmoo

  • I would say the website. When checking frames in the grid list, I get boxes with the different colours the frame is available in. Sometimes the colour in these boxes is not the colour of the frame. So for example, if it’s a blue box when clicked you get shown a black version of the frame and not a blue one.

Would I buy again from Firmoo

Unless I find another brand of low-cost glasses, I will buy again from Firmoo. They won me over with that extra screws and screwdriver.

Coupon code: Fiona345

As mentioned earlier, Firmoo sent me a 50% OFF coupon code which you can use on frames found on The code is to be redeemed at checkout.

Where do you buy your glasses from? Would you buy them from Firmoo?

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