Healing Crystals and Their Meaning

Healing Crystals and Their Meaning

I am not a believer in healing crystals and I don’t consider myself to be a hippie. However, I wouldn’t mind trying them out and see if they do work. Afterall they are nice stones to wear or to add to your home decor. I have been reading that some celebrities such as Victoria Beckham, Miranda Kerr, Katy Perry and Kate Hudson believe in healing crystals. So who knows if healing crystals brought luck to these celebrities why shouldn’t they bring luck to me. So here is the list of healing crystals that I am on the lookout for.

Black Obsidian

Black obsidian protects against negativity. The reason I am looking for this healing crystal is not only because it’s Victoria Beckham’s favourite crystal but also because I am said to be a negative person. It is also a nice black crystal.

Black Obsidian, negativity protection


Citrine is my birthstone, i.e. it is the November birthstone. Apart from that, it provides wealth. Since I have been unemployed for over two years, a good job or some extra money would be nice. It is suggested to place citrine next to your money e.g. in your cash box, wallet, etc.

Citrine, provides wealth.

Clear Quartz

I don’t need clear quartz for any particular reason other than that it enhances the power of other healing crystals. Clear quartz is Miranda Kerr’s favourite healing crystal.

Clear Quartz, enhances other crystals' power

Green Aventurine

Green aventurine basically has similar properties as citrine. It provides wealth. I might have this stone already in a healing crystals bracelet that my mother has given me as a souvenir from one of her travels, but then again it could be a fake, I don’t know.

Rose Quartz

This is the only healing crystal that I have bought up till now. I have bought it last Summer from Bohemia Malta It is believed that rose quartz is the love crystal. Rose quartz helps in relationships and also it is believed that if you place rose quartz under your pillow, you will manage to sleep well. Both Katy Perry and Kate Hudson use rose quartz. The rose quartz might have helped with my relationship as I am currently in my longest relationship. However, one can also say that it’s not the stone that made it work but we.

That was my healing crystal wishlist. However, I wouldn’t know where to buy them from as there have been fakes around. So it would be helpful if you could suggest me a trustworthy vendor.

Do you believe that crystals contain healing properties? Would you buy these crystals? Why?

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