Recycle, Remake, Reborn this Autumn/Winter 2020

Recycle, Remake, Reborn this Autumn/Winter 2020

About two years ago I have shared a post about a Maltese fashion designer whose aim is to create sustainable ready-to-wear fashion items. If you haven’t guessed who, it’s Parascandalo. Last weekend Parascandalo launched his latest collection on his social media channels. This Autumn/Winter 2020 collection is called RECYCLE – REMAKE – REBORN and is introduced with the following words

“Taking inspiration from the current global situation, we chose to use repurposed fabric and designed winter looks for the future.”

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Parascandalo FW20 COLLECTION

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These last two years my idea of sustainable fashion has changed. To tell you the truth when I was reading the name and introduction, I quickly assumed that it’s another greenwashing tactic from the fashion industry. However, my assumption was wrong.

Parascandalo seems to be aware of the issue with plastic materials. Not only the waste part but even the production part, so as alternatives for certain items are not easy to find, he makes sure to keep plastic materials to a minimum. At his shop, he banned single-use plastic bags and he is offering either paper or fabric shopping bags. While chatting with him on Instagram he hinted that the key fabric used in this collection is repurposed denim. This means that 90% of the collection is cotton.

You will find plastic materials such as polyester and nylon on bags, beanies, rain jacket and 20% of the sweaters, which makes only 10% of the collection.

If you think about it, bags and rain jackets don’t need to be washed as frequently as other fashion items. I tend to just wipe my bag and when the season is over, I wash my coat and rain jacket. So, assuming that others do the same as I do, these two items won’t harm the environment as frequently washed garments would.

However, if you would like to help Parascandalo to lower this percentage, support him by buying one (or more) of his denim creations.


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