My Tips for Fashion Revolution Week 2021

Fashion Revolution Week 2021

If you haven’t been on social media this week, you might have missed the news that this week is Fashion Revolution Week. The idea of FRW is to raise awareness and ask clothing companies #WhoMadeMyClothes and #WhatsInMyClothes. Just like any other sector, the fashion sector has become so fast and items have become so cheap. Many times, workers are given an unfair wage, plus cheap, toxic and unsustainable materials are used in most clothing. So on social media this week I focused on sharing my first few steps on how I plan to make my “wardrobe” more sustainable.

In this blog post, I will be gathering my #FashionRevolutionWeek IG posts so that you get to learn some tips too.

These are my tips and I am still a newbie on this subject. If you have any other tips for please share.

DISCLAIMER: This is not a pr, affiliate or sponsored post. My aim is to raise awareness about this cause.


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