Cruelty-free Household Cleaning Brands in Malta

Cruelty-free Household Cleaning Brands in Malta

I was recently asked whether I know of any cruelty-free household cleaning brands in Malta. So I thought of creating a list of cruelty-free cleaning brands that I have bought from.

The brands will be listed in alphabetical order


During my recent stay in Malta. I have tried Astonish. It’s a good brand for anyone looking for an affordable cruelty-free brand. However, if you wish to move on to eco-friendly, I would consider spending a bit more and invest in brands like Dr Bronner’s, Ecover or Earth Friendly Products.

Dr Bronner’s

Dr Bronner’s 18-in-1 Pure Castile Soap is a product I have recently discovered in Germany but I think that it’s now also available in Malta. This soap by Dr Bronner’s has 18 uses; for hair, body and even as a healthier alternative to detergents. I have bought a bottle of Dr Bronner’s but I haven’t yet tested its magic as a household cleaning product.


When I started my cruelty-free journey Ecover was the household cleaning brand I heard a lot about. I haven’t had the time to try all of Ecover’s products to tell you whether it’s the best. However, my favourite product from Ecover would be the washing-up liquid soap.

Earth Friendly Products

After Ecover, I moved on to trying out Earth Friendly Products. I have bought the Fruit & Veg Wash, Stain & Odor Remover, and their Shower Cleaner. They seemed to be good products. I wanted to try out their laundry products but couldn’t as I had to move back to my parents so that I move to Germany.

Those are the three cruelty-free household cleaning brands that I have tried and are available in Malta. In Germany, I am using a more affordable brand called Frosch which is also cheaper. I haven’t listed it as I don’t know if Frosch is available in Malta.

Which of these household cleaning brands have you tried? Tell me which are the ones you like. Which other brands should I know about?

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