Parascandalo’s New Sustainable Collection

Parascandalo's S.T.A.R.

It’s my first year as a blogger at the Mercedez Benz Malta Fashion Week and I am taking advantage of this opportunity to give you a cruelty-free perspective of this event. Many designers have no problem in using real silk, feathers, and other animal materials. However, I have found some designers who use completely animal-free materials or are in the process of doing so such as Herman Vassallo, Parascandalo and Rosemarie Abela.

Parascandalo’s Ethics

Marco Parascandalo, the fashion designer behind the Maltese ready-to-wear brand Parascandalo, happens to be in the process of finding a good quality cruelty-free alternative to leather. I do understand this struggle. Although I buy products made out of fake leather, unfortunately, they don’t last longer than a few months. Hopefully, the newly discovered pineapple or mushroom leather will be more durable. However, it seems that they are not yet available. At least I have not found them in either Malta or Germany.

Going back to Parascandalo, Marco assured me that unlike his previous collections the newly launched ⭐S⭐T⭐A⭐R⭐ collection is all animal-free. Same as in his previous collections, some pieces have a second life. Parascandalo is working to reduce fabric waste. So a part of his collection has another an ethical and sustainable side.

Parascandalo’s ⭐S⭐T⭐A⭐R⭐

These are my favourite looks from Parascandalo’s newly launched ready-to-wear ⭐S⭐T⭐A⭐R⭐ collection:


About Parascandalo

Born in the beautiful, culturally rich city of Birgu, local designer Marco Parascandalo who is better known as the creative director of the self-named PARASCANDALO fashion brand skyrocketed to fame with his debut, ready to wear collection SKANDLU which was first shown at Malta Fashion Week in 2014 to wide public acclaim.

Known for his unique take on streetwear, Marco pays special attention to the wearability and durability of his items, Marco Parascandalo integrates aspects of Maltese culture, politics and environmental issues into his pieces to produce a very modern mélange, the ultimate social commentary in motion.

Parascandalo’s earliest collections were more focused on Menswear, In 2016 he introduced his Women’s wear and started showing both genders in one show. Although PARASCANDALO is a brand with local roots, Marco’s experimental approach to fashion and his cutting-edge ideas have allowed him to expand his brand internationally.

PARASCANDALO returns to Malta Fashion Week in 2018 with a riveting new collection which promises to be an exciting and spellbinding as the ones before.”

Thank you to the Mercedez Benz Malta Fashion Week for the opportunity to write about these events. Also, thank you to Marco Parascandalo for dedicating a few minutes to explain to me his brand and answering my cruelty-free questions.

As you already know this is my first attempt at writing about a cruelty-free fashion week, so your feedback would be appreciated. Did you find this post interesting? What else should I include or what should I exclude? I would love to know your thoughts.


(a.k.a. Fiona Henschel) Malta-born blogger. I have been blogging during these last 6 years on my cruelty-free lifestyle including recipes, beauty and makeup products that I discover, receive, buy and try.